‘WandaVision’: A mind blowing series


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Season One of Disney’s “WandaVision” was released on January 15, 2021. The show follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two superheroes who have settled down in the town of Westview.

Danielle Braune, Staff Writer

You sit back, jaw agape after watching the latest episode of WandaVision. Your remote is dead weight in your hands. A sense of dread grows in you as you realize:

I need to wait a full week until the next episode?

Absolutely dreadful. Dreadful, but worth it.

Marvel has the ability to completely blow your mind. No one else does it like them.

Megan Austin

WandaVision is one of many Marvel series that will be airing on Disney+, and boy was it a great way to start off the next generation of Marvel films and TV shows. I was honestly concerned with how Marvel was going to pull off all of these shows when most of their cinematic universe takes place in movies, but they organized WandaVision’s story well; nothing felt forced.  

In a post-Endgame world, we find Wanda Maximoff and her husband, Vision, in a ‘60s sitcom. The first few episodes of this sitcom, also known as WandaVision, takes place in different decades of television periodically as we go through each one of the episodes, matching the signature cinematography of each era. 

Speaking of which, I love the combination of modern and old-fashioned cinematography techniques to dictate what part of the story is being told. In that same vein, I love how the cinematography evolves with the decades our protagonists progress through in her show.

Without spoiling too much, WandaVision had me texting my fellow marvel fans in all caps. I honestly didn’t think Marvel would be able to pull off creepy, but that’s exactly what they did. 

“Previously On”

Okay. I NEED to talk about this penultimate episode. 

I may have cried…

After witnessing this show, and especially episode eight, “Previously On”, I can easily say that Wanda is the strongest avenger. People are going to attack me for saying that, but even the Sorcerer Supreme, (Doctor Strange) himself cannot hold a candle to Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda’s superpowers include telekinesis, energy manipulation, and the ability to read people’s thoughts while also targeting and creating waking nightmares. Fair use from www.disneyplus.com

In between ‘Wanda’ and ‘Maximoff’, I was about to disclose her true title, which was revealed in the final line of this episode. I thought this detail had already been confirmed for a good few years in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), which I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t watched WandaVision yet… It’s kinda like the whole Levi Ackerman sich in Attack on Titan — you weren’t supposed to know that he was an Ackerman until the third season, but manga readers introduced him as Levi Ackerman to new anime-only instead of just Levi as he is credited. Anyway…

Needing time to process all of the information being thrown at me during this episode, I had to press pause to recuperate— it was just so touching. The flashback scenes, the romance… Wow. Just wow.

Usually, I would be annoyed by the number of things left unanswered when the miniseries finished, but I’m honestly not bothered. Knowing Marvel, they needed to keep some ideas open to tie in future series’ into their universe. 

Overall, I really enjoyed WandaVision. My throat was raw by the end of the final episode at the number of times I cheered, shouted, cried, and everything in between.