Three additional anti-Semitic drawings identified

Superintendent emails PV community regarding staff findings


Amelia Moran

Three additional anti-Semitic drawings were discovered Tuesday morning by staff in Pascack Valley. Pascack Valley Regional High School District Superintendent Erik Gundersen sent an email to the PV community addressing the issue of anti-Semitism at the school.

Rachel Cohen, Staff Editor

Three additional swastikas were discovered in Pascack Valley High School Tuesday morning according to an email sent to the community from Pascack Valley Regional High School District Superintendent Erik Gundersen. The email, sent Tuesday, Nov. 6, in the afternoon, was also made public on the district’s website, titled “Hate Has No Place in Our District.”

The email came just a day after Gundersen publicly confirmed two anti-Semitic incidents at the PVRHSD Board of Education meeting on Monday evening.

Gundersen mentions in the email that the areas where the graffiti were found by staff were immediately closed to the public and the Hillsdale Police Department was contacted. The location of these swastikas was not specified. All five of the anti-Semitic drawings are currently being investigated and “additional programs” are going to be implemented in the upcoming days and weeks.

On Monday night, prior to these new revelations, Gundersen said that the district believed the two swastikas found in the bathrooms were “isolated incidents.” However, in the email, he acknowledged that the situation has “gone beyond isolated incidents.”

As stated in the email, Gundersen believes that PV fosters respect for all individuals from clubs and assemblies to the curriculum at the school and that an individual or group can not “become a cloud casting a shadow over our wonderful community.” Gundersen encourages those who witness a person demonstrating hate or violence to speak to teachers and administrators.

“In light of the recent events in Pittsburgh, and now in the halls of our own school, I urge everyone — students, parents, staff members — to talk about how we can all be more caring, compassionate, and respectful,” Gundersen wrote.