‘The drive to school: The bloodbath’

The PV parking lot seen through a "Hunger Games" lens


Molly Heintze

During lunch, PV seniors fight to get out of the parking lot. They need to be quick in order to get back in time for their afternoon classes.

Welcome, welcome. The time has come to select the desperate young men and women for the honor of parking in the minuscule parking lot of Pascack Valley.

Before the school year began, only 30 students had selected the first marking period as their first choice for parking. This has left 80 parking spots available for the lucky students inside the large bowl ready for reaping.

The 30 students who chose the first marking period as their first choice for parking will be known as the careers. They represent Districts 1 and 2. They have trained their whole life to get a parking spot close to the school.

The rest of the seniors represent the other Districts. They are the ones starving, suffering, screaming for a parking spot. They beg to be chosen. They want to represent their District and bring prosperity and happiness to the other civilians.

The first week of the school year, the members in these Districts cannot park in the Capitol, also known as Stonybrook. They must walk or park in other areas of Panem, hoping they do not get caught by the Peacekeepers, Officer Stalter and Officer Niego.

The three day weekend is upon the country and the reaping begins.

Squiccimarri sits behind her desk dressed in all pink with her skin whiter than snow. She slips her clawed fingers into the bowl full of seniors. She reveals the names.

The first few names are selected and they have been chosen to represent their District. Everyone honors them for being so brave to fight. The others wait to be chosen at a later date.

The Tributes start their cars in the morning and head off to the arena. They pick up their friends along the way, creating alliances. The Tributes pick up those parked at the Capitol to bring them to the righteous arena, hoping for sponsors.

The drive to school: the bloodbath

Every day, the Tributes drive recklessly around the town, hoping to get to the Arena on time. They are told to be cautious and follow the rules of the Arena, but some tend to disobey. Trying not to crash their car and park in the tight spaces, the tributes fight honorably.

It is not until the end of the day when the Arena is empty and the Tributes leave to get rest. It will begin again the next day where some might not come out alive. The time continues, cars can be damaged, spots may be taken, and tickets will be issued.

The next marking period begins and the next round of Tributes comes through.