Thank you, Rawson

Mr. Bill Rawson, the adviser of The Smoke Signal, was presented with the Golden Quill lifetime achievement award given to individuals who have made substantial contributions to the growth and quality of scholastic journalism throughout the state. In addition to Rawson’s award, The Smoke Signal racked up 45 awards in total — a historic high.

To thank Rawson for all he has done for The Smoke Signal and the individuals he has affected, I’ve collected a plethora of videos from some Smoke Signal alumni and originals as well as current Smoke Signal writers. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we would be nowhere without Rawson. His constant commitment to making us better journalists and people does not go unnoticed. He has single-handedly shaped my high school experience, and without him, I wouldn’t have the memories or friends that I do.

Thank you, Rawson, for all that you do and continue to do for all of us.

Vanessa Rutigliano, Class of 2016
Calvin Ralph, Class of 2016
Evan Jones, Class of 2016
Claudia Ralph, Class of 2016
Jake Aferiat, Class of 2017
Jamie Ryu, Class of 2017
Lauren Cohen, Class of 2018
Josh DeLuca, Class of 2019
Madison Gallo, Class of 2019
Noah Schwartz, Class of 2019
Kayla Barry, Class of 2019
Jeremy Lesserson, Class of 2019
Rachel Cohen, Class of 2020
Katie Mullaney, Class of 2020

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