‘Thank you and goodbye’


Kayla Barry

This is the last article in the Kayla's Korner column. PV senior Kayla Barry reflects on the last year and how much Kayla's Korner has helped her.

Editor’s Note: Kayla’s Korner was a recurring column that deals with mental health and teenage issues.

During this time last year, I was struggling. It was the worst time of my life. I contemplated committing suicide and believed that nothing could get better. I thought the best solution was to just not go on. I thought that no one would miss me.

After getting help by going to the hospital, inpatient facility, and High Focus, I finally began to feel like myself. I was happier and really working on living day by day.

Today, I am proud and happy to say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

I have grown more in the last year than I have in my whole life. I learned to deal with my feelings, to communicate better, and to know it is okay not to feel okay.

Kayla’s Korner has helped me grow the most. Writing has always been a coping mechanism for me and by writing these articles, I have healed.

When I first started writing these articles, I did it solely for me. I wanted to document what I was feeling and get it all out. I never knew the impact it would have on other people.

I remember the first few articles, PV students and faculty would come up to me and say how much they enjoyed reading my story. I was stunned.

People read my articles?

Following this, I began writing not only for myself but for others. Kayla’s Korner became something to show that no one is ever alone.

Even though this is my last Kayla’s Korner, I want you to know that you are never alone.

For the longest time, I thought I was. Then, I went to the inpatient facility and High Focus. I found that what I have been through is common. Even after this, the amount of students and adults that told me their stories was insane. I am so grateful for everyone that reached out to me. This showed me that people that are around you might be struggling and you could have no idea.

If you are struggling, please reach out to someone. The world would truly not be the same without you. Reach out to a parent, a trusted teacher, a friend, or really anyone. You can even reach out to me.

If you are looking to get in contact with me, please message The Smoke Signal. You can do this by emailing [email protected]

They will help you find me. I am always someone that could listen and help you through anything.

In the fall, I will be attending Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. I have never been this excited for something. I can see myself graduating from college and I can see a life ahead of me. Last year, I did not see me making it to the next day. Now, I see myself as a little old lady with lots of dogs, and I am so excited.

Recently, I have also wrote and self-published a poetry book titled “in bloom.” It was for my senior project and can be purchased on Amazon. The book goes through my mental health journey. All proceeds will be going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention so that I can help people who are going through similar situations as me.

If you are unable to purchase my book due to financial problems or other situations, please again reach out to The Smoke Signal to get in touch with me.

Thank you to anyone that has ever read Kayla’s Korner. Your constant support has helped me keep going. Kayla’s Korner has been one of the highlights of my life. I never thought I could help people by writing articles. This column has proven I can.

And so can you. I encourage you to write your story and keep talking about mental health. Together, we can end the stigma.

Thank you and goodbye.