Students comment on Pascack Valley’s reopening

Spencer Goldstein and Ellie Kim

Pascack Valley opened its doors for the 2020-21 school year on Wednesday, Sept. 2 after nearly six months without in-person schooling. The freshman class was first to enter the school on Wednesday for an orientation day, followed by the sophomores, juniors and seniors of Cohort A on Thursday and their Cohort B counterparts on Friday. 

As of Aug. 29, out of Pascack Valley’s 1,077 students, 942 have chosen to participate in the hybrid learning schedule, according to PV Principal Glenn deMarrais. There are a number of regulations in place to ensure the safety of all students and staff in the building – including the enforcement of social distancing, one way staircases, a new rotating daily schedule, and mask requirement.

Sophomores Francesca Sanelli, Isabella Giustra, and Natalie Bachrach share their feelings on coming back to school and navigating the new class schedule.

Sophomore Joseph Holland shares how he’s adjusted to the new regulations and his hopes of school remaining open.

Freshman Luke Kantowitz speaks about his first few days of high school amid the pandemic.