Sophomore Year Reflection

Maya Schlessinger, Staff Editor

As I finish my sophomore year, I can’t help but feel like it was my first year of high school. I could easily navigate the familiar building and workload. However, socially, everything was different from a “COVID year.”  

Going to school every day all day was a stark change from last year’s hybrid schedule. School became my whole day, not a small part of my day at home. Because of this, I’ve started to take ownership of Pascack Valley and see it as my school. I saw myself and those around me make efforts to make it an environment they want to be in. 

Clubs and activities brought life to the once half-empty school. Non-virtual Valley Cup was a key aspect bringing the community back together. At each event, I saw not only my own class, but the whole school come together. It is unlike any virtual event that could have been planned. 

The transition of club meetings from Zoom to in-person brought events back to life. 

I found knowledge and community in World Culture’s Club meetings. In-person cooking and dance activities made it feel like a different club than the one I’d joined last year because of how interactive they became.

 I was no longer watching meetings take place; I was now taking part in them.

Being able to cheer on PV sports was a game-changer. Every Friday night in the fall, I knew where the whole school would be. The unification and socialization on the football field’s bleachers were unmatched. Fan and senior nights for various sports were special games students were now able to attend. 

My relationships with my teachers were even better than last year. They know me as both a student, and as a person. They often work to cater classes to our learning styles and personalities.

Due to last year’s cohorts, there was a whole half of my grade that I didn’t know. This school year, I met so many new people, and made so many new friends. 

Lunch gave me lots of time to talk to people, especially compared to last year’s scarce moments in passing. 

I can recognize that a number of students and staff worked to make last year the best it could be, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering what my freshman year would’ve been like. if it was my first real year of high school.