The Smoke Signal

Sophomore Council

Council Members

President: Katelynn Park

Vice President: Luke Dargan

Treasurer: Tolu Bosede

Secretary: Caroline Healey

Representatives: Sage Spezial, Abby Fox, Amanda Polyniak, Hanna Wegner, Sam Forrest, Shane Buoye, Sophia Bovino, Diego Albert

Meeting #4

Date: 10/3/21

Time: 7:30 am- 7:48 am

Objective: Fundraisers and Valley Cup

Action Items:

Post Minutes- Caroline 

Send Designs by Tonight- council

Plan Trivia Night- council

Sports Game Planning- Diego

Holiday Bake Sale (Maybe)- Caroline

Meeting #3

Date: 9/27/21

Time: 7:30 am- 7:47 am

Objective: Fundraisers

Action Items: 

Advertise (Valley Cup)- group

Secure date for Chipotle- group

Get approval for Trivia Night- group

Domani- Kate

Clothing- merch group

Meeting #2

Date: 9/20/21

Time: 7:30 am- 7:42 am

Objective: fundraiser discussion

Action Items:

Stop by for amount- Tolu

Bulletin Board- Caroline 

Sleep out Research- everyone

Meeting #1 

Date: 9/15/21

Time: 7:30 am- 7:48 am


Fundraiser discussion (clothing, restaurants, bake sales, sports games, movie, holidays)

Action Items: 

Create Clothing Committee

Ask about bake sales

Bulletin Board (Instagram)- Caroline

Sports during winter- Diego

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Sophomore Council