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Ilmie Xhaferi

With the 2020-21 school year coming to a close, The PV Student Publication wanted to highlight Pascack Valley interns who have continued to intern during the pandemic.

Showcasing Valley’s Interns

As part of The PV Student Publication’s end of the year package, the publication wanted to showcase Pascack Valley seniors who are exploring different career fields through the internship program.

The internship program serves as a three-period class in which seniors are required to intern for 12.5 hours each week in a career field that they want to pursue. Despite the pandemic, interns were still able to work remotely, on a hybrid model, or in person depending on their internship worksite.

The PV Student Publication sent a Google Form to all of PV’s interns and is highlighting only the interns who have responded to the form.

Tomas Farinelli
Kristen Kiernan
Julia Wrenn
Megan Sgroi
Mary Oliveri
Matt Harris
Katelyn Eror
Luke Petaccia

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