Seniors walk runway at annual fashion show

I’m excited for everyone getting together, both the students and the parents. We need that.”

— Co Chair, Mary Anne Kearney

I’m very happy that we were able to pull this off for you [the students], and that you get to do something together as the Class of 2021.”

— Co-Chair, Kathleen Bonner

I think the show has been a success, everyone had a fun night. It was a day to celebrate our seniors, and it was fun being together, surrounded by everyone. It gets our mind off of the whole pandemic issue and everything. ”

— Senior, Isabella Zuluaga

I think its really great that they are doing something for our grade. We haven’t really gotten much of anything yet, and so I think it went really well and it was nice to see a lot of people.”

— Senior, Kate Ng

I thought it was a really fun way to bring together the people from both cohorts, since we haven’t really seen each other all year. It was a uniting moment for our grade and I think it was really valuable and great that we had it.”

— Senior, Aishwarya Pathri