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The Smoke Signal

Senior Council


From the top left: Matthew Urrea (President), Joseph Marrone (Representative), Casey Gotliffe (Advisor), Nicholas DiBari (Representative), Kyle Comito (Representative), Jack Devanna (Vice President), James Nugent (Representative), Justin Sison (Representative), Jacob Steinberg (Representative), and Lemma Taha (Advisor).

From the bottom left: Sue Lee (Secretary), Jodie Hoffman (Treasurer), Eva Rosini (Representative), Chloe Witt (Class Liaison/EXEC), and Olivia Wang (Representative).


Senior Class Council Meeting #26:

April 18th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Sue Lee, Eva Rosini, Nick DiBari, Matt Urrea, James Nugent, Jacob Steinberg, Olivia Wang, Jodie Hoffman, Kyle Comito, Joey Marrone, Jack Devanna, James Nugent


-officially impeaching Justin Sison

-⅔ of the council has to sign it

-Senior Citizen Week on Thursday

-Speedball Tournament moved to 7:00pm, on Thursday

-People should email Matt if they want to sign up for the tournament

-teams of four, and a goalie

-sell water

-prize for the winner

-1st place- $5/person (KENS?)

-$15 for 2nd place in total (ice cream)

-$3 per person, $15 a team

-one bleacher out on one side for each gym

-microphone cable and microphone needed

-We will have a program and with the parents

-we collect all the forms and the money for prom and the class trip

-PSA is today


Senior Class Council Meeting #25:

April 4th, 2017 at 7:30am


Basketball on Thursday

-send out rules

-3 on 3

-how many varsity players needed

-get water and snacks (to sell)

We picked out the lottery ticket for parking

Freehold meeting tomorrow at 7:00pm

T-shirts (pick them up/ find them)


Senior Class Council Meeting #25:

March 28th, 2017 at 7:30am


$960 was added into the bank account

Parking tickets, make the last day monday, on 4/3

We recorded for the PSA

We need to see if we are going to tape DeMaio, Schuls, Will, or Kennedy.

Sell donuts (Demarest Farms→ April 5th)

Shirts will be delivered tomorrow

Come tomorrow after school to sort them; give them the shirts; divide it up and get them out to the class

$7,229 before we pay for the shirts

People who want to buy the tickets (parking)?


Senior Class Council Meeting #24:

March 16th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Matt Urrea, Sue Lee, Olivia Wang, Eva Rosini, Kyle Comito, Jodie Hoffman, Nick DiBari, James Nugent, Jacob Steinberg, Jack Devanna


Valley Cup- tuesday, it can be middle school sports shirts and can do bat mitzvah sweatshirts

Tell the sports liasons/ exec council when we will wear the color

No dangling decoration, and the poles in the front shouldn’t be touched with adhesive tape.

Leave classes early to pick up the elderly. Senior citizen day


Senior Class Council Meeting #23:

March 7th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Nick DiBari, Joey Marrone, Sue Lee, Eva Rosini, Jacob Steinberg, Olivia Wang, Matt Urrea, James Nugent, Jodie Hoffman, Jack Devanna


1st spot of the senior class is going to be raffled. It can be any senior. We just need a ticket for them to write their name. (first and last name, homeroom, first period)

1 for $4, 3 for $10

By next week just have a ticket of some sort.
Take attendance tomorrow/ for the class during the assembly tomorrow.


Senior Class Council Meeting #22:

February 28th, 2017 at 7:30am


-lottery (parking)–>  this would be a fundraiser for Juniors and Seniors

-we can do two spots

-class cause week

-Paramus Veterans Home

-Kennedy duck taping

-Karaoke Night

-feb 28th

-try to sell the pennants to the freshmen or the sophomores

-Joe will do the video editing for class cause week

-3/22 will be the Valley Cup

-show up here at 6:30pm


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #5:

Feb 18th, 2017 at 7:20am

Attendance: Eva Rosini, Jack Devanna, Jodie Hoffman, Sue, Nick DiBari, Joe Marrone, kyle comito


Approval of the minutes

President’s reports (from each council)

Senior Class:

-prom committee

Treasurer’s report (from each council)

-around $6,500 (senior)

Cause: confirm it with Taha and Gattoni

Se had a meeting with the senior class council → two weeks before the senior, we will sell shirts, bake sale, and a benefit concert (all for suicide prevention)


PSA’s due date is March 21st

Promote dress up days for regular Valley Cup points

Event for the class causes: 50 points for 1st place, 25 points for the 2nd team.

Hallway decoration = front lobby and new gym entrance (we have to take down the decorations that Friday)


Blood Drive: encourage others to participate in the blood drive (16 years and older are allowed to)

There needs to be a consent for all 16 and 17 year olds


Valley Cup #3:

Monday (3/20): gray outfit (Ex: gray sweatpants, gray sweatshirt)

Tuesday (3/21): Jerseys with college or professional teams

Wednesday (3/22): class color day (it’s during Pascack Period)



-irish dancers performing

-activity with the crowd

-hunt for Kennedy

-Hungry, Hungry Hippo (it’s not finalized yet)

-Hockey shootout (it’s not finalized yet)

-musical performances

-need two performers (singers and/or musicians)

-need to supply their own amps

-1:00 per song

-each duo will perform two songs = two 1:00 songs prepared

-set up in tournament style format

-Limited sound equipment available

-musicians need to provide their own instruments and gear


Senior Citizen Day (April 20, 2017):

-all councils will be helping out

-more specific info will be forthcoming as the date gets closer



Senior Class Council Meeting #21:

February 14th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Sue Lee, Eva Rosini, Jodie Hoffman, Matt Urrea, Nick DiBari, Joe Marrone, Jack DeVanna, James Nugent…


We sold the Valentines’ Day carnations.

In the morning, we individually wrapped each flower with the note.


Senior Class Council Meeting #20:

February 8th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Eva Rosini, Kyle Comito, Joe Marrone, Nick DiBari, Olivia Wang, Jacob Steinberg


  • Schedule karaoke night for next wednesday
    • Announcement
    • Get people to know about it
  • Work with a restaurant to make some money off each food order
  • Carnations
    • Start selling as soon as possible
  • Sell pennants at home basketball games and wrestling
    • Drop price down to $5


Senior Class Council (and Exec Council) Meeting #19:

February 7th, 2017 at 7:30am


Attendance: Joe Marrone, Nick DiBari, James Nugent, Olivia Wang, Kyle Comito, Matt Urrea, Jodie Hoffman, Jacob Steinberg, Eva Rosini, Jack Devanna


  • Exec takes on own cause every year (March 27-31)
    • Wants to have exec class cause week for suicide prevention and awareness
      • Possible ideas: benefit concert, shirts for awareness, bracelets, speedball tournament, speaker (ask rossig or meyers)
      • Cause already chosen
      • Speaker during pascack period
      • Speedball tuesday @ 6:30
      • Benefit friday with bake sale and possible raffle


Senior Class Council Meeting #18:

January 31st, 2017 at 7:30am



Take class council picture for the yearbook

Carnations, it was expensive to donate

So we might have to call the headquarters to see if we can get the flowers for Valentine’s Day

In a week from today, is karaoke night

T-shirt form, we need to get it out to the class so we can order the shirts.

Taping teachers to the wall→ ask the janitors, DeMaio if we can do it. Still ask DeMaio→ what wall would be usable??

What if people don’t pay enough for the tape?

-we should calculate it

Kennedy, Grier, we should tape them.

They should trash you, so you want to duct tape them even more.

Maybe we should ask Phil Wong to do it.

We should do pie the teacher thing, we just need a bunch of whipped cream.

We need 5 teachers to do it.

We can do the benefit night → we have to talk with the exec council

Any fundraisers can’t hurt.

Think of something st. patrick’s day themed, so we can do it.

We should do a speedball fundraiser, we can do a prize (?) → like a gift card for $15, or a small prize.

-we can do one caprisun

We needed one microphone from the custodians

We should ask for pizza donations (Jack)

We should bring baked goods, the water went the best

Nugent and Jacob Steinberg will sing

Omar is going to sing as well.

We can do CANNING outside

We can get restaurants to donate a few of the funds they make that day with the flyers.


Senior Class Council Meeting #17:

January 24th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: Eva Rosini, Chloe Witt, Jack Devanna, Matt Urrea, Joe Marrone, Jodie Hoffman, Olivia Wang


  • Change senior class trip? → unanimously no
  • Karaoke night February 7th
  • Start thinking about prom (centerpieces, theme, budget, etc.)
  • Handed in a letter for carnation donations for Valentine’s day
  • Class cause week
    • Gym reserved for speedball tournament on February 14th
  • Send out an order form for senior class shirts
  • Suicide prevention week with the executive council
    • Probably the week before spring break


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #4:

January 19th, 2017 at 7:20am

Attendance: Eva Rosini, James Nugent, Jacob Steinberg, Matt Urrea, Jodie Hoffman, Nick DiBari, Olivia Wang, Joe Marrone


  • Sign up for sportsmanship statements
  • Lunch meeting with superintendent
    • Talked about pascack period, freshman seminar → people don’t like, semesters → teacher decides when the marking period ends and then grades reset for the second half, midterms/finals, options within the school (ability to pursue passions)
  • Caps for Kids is January 20th → taking photos during all gym periods
  • Class Cause Week
  • Valley Cup on March 17th
  • Blood Drive March 7th
  • Senior Citizens’ Day April 20th


Senior Class Council Meeting #16:

January 17th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: James Nugent, Jacob Steinberg, Joey Marrone, Nick DiBari, Jodie Hoffman, Matt Urrea, Eva Rosini, Kyle Comito, Olivia Wang, and Sue Lee


For our cause week, we should try to get a speaker to come in.

-people in our school are veterans

-we have family members that are veterans

-or someone who can talk about the charity itself


We have the form for the carnations. We can get it early in the morning because we have to attach the messages.

T-shirts: the black shirt, our blood runs green and white. Eva has the t-shirt design and she’ll sent it to Taha.

All the girls on council + the 6 people who emailed Matt U.

Karaoke Night if Feb. 7th.
The pennants should be sold for $7.

Senior Class Council Meeting #15:

January 10th, 2017 at 7:30am

Attendance: James Nugent, Jacob Steinberg, Sue Lee, Olivia Wang, Nick DiBari, Jack DeVanna, Chloe Witt, Jodie Hoffman, Joe Marrone, Kyle Comito

We put in a reservation for karaoke night–> February 7th.

The pennants are in the office, so at the end of this meeting, we should put it in Gotliffe’s room.

        -ask the faculty if they want to buy it

        -sell during lunch or pascack period (set up tables)

        -don’t sell during the 8th grade orientation

        -each are $7

        -divide it up and sell it throughout the day

        -send email out for people to buy pennants

Class Cause Week–> did we get the gym yet?

Matt should send out the prom committee email. Have to mention that it’s a commitment, only people who are seriously interested.

Suicide Prevention Eventà another speedball tournament? Or would we do a talent night? We would have to see if we could get a gym. Should we do it in March?

Valentines’ Day–> Did Matt ask Shop Rite?

Paramus Veterans’ Home–> Do they know that we are supporting them?

Senior Class Shirt–> Black with green and white? “It’s been a good bit.” Someone should make a couple of designs. Anyone who wants to make a design should just make it. Everyone should make it for next Tuesday. We should get the shirts early, and do order forms, rather than just buying a bunch and then trying to sell them. We should send out a poll. This is our last class shirt, so people should have a say in it. “L17” “B17” The Fashion Show shirts were good too. We could have three designs and ask them which ones they like best. Give them a price range.

Sportsmanship week schedule:


Senior Class Council Meeting #14:

January 5th, 2017 at 7:30am

Karaoke, poinsettia, and candy cane was successful, we raised almost $1,000. (about $940)

Pennants cost about $3 per pennant. We will be selling them for $7.00  We should sell it during lunch and in front of the cafeteria. Ask teachers to buy them.

T-shirts: $10 shirts. Don’t promote or sell them, before we know the actual price of the shirts

Karaoke night: we should promote it even more. 2/7/17 should be the date and we should do a theme

Prom committee: Jodie,

Valentine’s day flower sale (carnations); shop rite.

Carnations, we need someone to go and ask them. (Matt)

In 2 weeks, sportsmanship statements start

January 20th, caps for kids day; bring in a $1.00. Send out tweets or emails for more awareness of the cause.

Senior Class Council Meeting #13:

December 21st, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance: Olivia Wang, Eva Rosini, Chloe Witt, James Nugent, Joe Marrone, Jacob Steinberg, Kyle Comito, Nick Dibari, Matt Urrea, Jack Devanna

Candy Cane → should sell them during lunch and pascack period

  • Matt dressing up as Santa to sell
  • Sending out an email about it telling people to find someone on senior council
  • Printing more tags today

Poinsettia Sale → didn’t get the flowers

Another karaoke night

  • Once a month?

Valentine’s day flowers → ask about how to get them

  • Reserve so juniors can’t do it again

Talent Night → money goes to suicide prevention

  • Not connected to music department talent night
    • Maybe exec council can do it for their class cause week?

Prom Committee


  • Tape DeMaio to a wall
    • Maybe other people? Once a week? Someone new every week?


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #4:

December 15th, 2016 at 7:20am

Attendance: Eva Rosini, Sue Lee, Olivia Wang, Jodie Hoffman, Nick DiBari, Matt Urrea, Jacob Steinberg, Kyle Comito, James Nugent

Holiday dress up day on Friday, Dec. 23

Discuss the last valley cup we had, any comments on how it was


          -Go at each other for the music parts of Valley Cup, like Pitch Perfect

          -Middle school sweatshirt day

sportsmanship→ Chloe shared it with the presidents

Class cause week reports→ Jack is going to Guittoni, we are contacting Paramus Veterans Home, we have speedball

PSA is in conjunction with the fundraisers. There’s going to be a rubric.

Hallway decorations during the class cause week (front lobby and back door, reminder of class cause week→ we should have a banner that says the event)

Check with Mrs. Fallon about hanging stuff from the ceiling→ fire hazard…

January 12th, lunch→ talk to representatives from the student council to talk about marketing periods. (20 people in total)

2 or 3 people from each council. (Kyle Comito and Nick DiBari and Matt Urrea)

-please reach your classmates and get their opinions about marketing periods, what’s going on in at school.

-this is to broaden the amount of voices we hear/ larger cross section.

Gay Straight Alliance→ first meeting. Just encourage people who care about the issues. Last week, they talked about the climate of the building. They are trying to work with the safety team.

What can exec council do for suicide prevention? (the exec council would do suicide prevention week like class cause week)

This doesn’t just have to be a week, it could be a focus throughout the year.


Senior Class Council Meeting #12:

December 14th, 2016 at 7:30am

Karaoke night was successful.

We raised a lot of money (we are going to do it again).

We have candy cane sale going on.


Senior Class Council Meeting #11:

December 7th, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance: James Nugent, Olivia Wang, Eva Rosini, Kyle Comito, Jack Devanna, Matt Urrea, Jodie Hoffman, Jacob Steinberg, Nick DiBari, Sue Lee


Talent Night

We should donate to a Suicide Prevention

Karaoke Night- talked to Marchiano –> Tuesday 12/13/16 –> $5.00

Get many people to sing (Gotliffe, Steinberg, Nugent)

We need to get a flyer

We need incentive for Karaoke Night

Everyday send an email with incentive, people

Do people choose the song beforehand or choose the song when they get there?

Ask pizza shop to get reduced price (Broadway, Francesca’s)

Get desserts, plates, and water

Microphones from custodians, or get Nick to bring speaker and mics.

Do we need a mic stand?

We need to get orders on the flowers. (wait until they say yes; get moms to post it on Facebook) ($7-$8)

It’s a perfect gift for your mom.

Candy canes (Harman’s): Buy $15 worth of candy canes to sell it. (print out little tag, and get ribbons) (red and white ribbons)

-we hand it out on Friday

-sell throughout the whole week

We will sign a thank you to the PFO next meeting.


Senior Class Council Meeting #10:

November 30th, 2016 at 7:30am

attendance: Matthew Urrea, Joseph Marrone, Nicholas DiBari, Kyle Comito, Jack Devanna, Jacob Steinberg, Sue Lee, Eva Rosini, Olivia Wang, Jodie Hoffman, and James Nugent.


-Fundraising Ideas: a talent night $5 per person

-Small profit of a possible speed ball tournament (before the class cause week) goes into an organization, like a suicide prevention


-Possibly getting something with Jack’s name on it, in memory of him.

-Speed ball tournament

-Talked about the responses of what happened 11/27

-Speedball, you can charge up to $3, and a huge turnout wouldn’t be beneficial in the old gym. It would have to be in the big gym.

-Ashley Evans is making rubber bracelets and class council will help sell it.

-Pennant is green and white (Pascack Valley in tapered layers and won’t write “high school.”)


Senior Class Council Meeting #9:

November 17th, 2016 at 7:30am

attendance: Matthew Urrea, Joseph Marrone, Nicholas DiBari, Kyle Comito, Jack Devanna, Jacob Steinberg, Sue Lee, Eva Rosini, and Olivia Wang.


Pennant sale- different sizes of pennants, prefer selling the smaller ones

Places to sell pennants: 8th grade orientation/ events, front lobby (before or after school)

Guidance counselor letterhead, we have the format of the letter for the Christmas flower fundraiser

We can email the paramus veterans home and try to get a speaker

Email the grade about Valley Cup –> people who are willing to volunteer to participate in the events


Class Cause Week: 

Get a chaperone for the event

April 18th → the sport event day

Need to confirm it with the adminstration

Fundraising Ideas: tape DeMaio on the wall (duct tape = $), bake sale, how many candy is in the jar?, Mr. PV



Jodie is taking care of deposits, made about $1800 more

The texting program- the class council (Matt Urrea) would send out texts to the whole grade through the app. It’s like the app teachers use where no one can reply, but receives messages about hw and assignments. The texts from the council would be reminders to dress up for Valley Cup.

Candy cane sales for the winter holidays

12/13 → karaoke night

Early April- possible golf outing, teachers, parents, students → generate a lot of money for prom


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #3:

November 16th, 2016 at 7:20am

Attendance: Jodie, Nick, Matt, Olivia, Eva, Kyle, Jack, Jacob, Sue, Justin, Joe


(Senior) President’s report:

-karaoke night

-poinsettia sale

-candy gram sale

Valley Cup:

2nd valley cup November 21st- 23rd

Dress up days:

Monday 11/21- pajama day (no yoga pants or leggings; must be school appropriate)

Tuesday 11/22- Flannel Day

Wednesday 11/23- Class Colors


Nascar Race (needs to be negotiated, so it’s a maybe)

-3 students per grade (each person does a lap)

-wear helmet and pads

-obstacles along the course (shooting yarn balls at the racers)

Thanksgiving Relay Race

-4 students per grade


-opening cans of cranberries

-throwing a football through a hoop

-apple pie eating contest

-donut on a string eating contest

Basketball Musical Chairs

-2 students per grade (one male and one female)

-must shoot layup once the song ends and race back to the chairs at the center court

-must rebound own ball

*people should stay for the chant (at the end of Valley Cup).

Class Cause Activities:

-week of April 17- Seniors

-week of April 24- Juniors

-week of May 1- Sophomores

-week of May 8- Freshmen


-Put an effort to get people and decorate the front lobby. Spread the awareness. Get a speaker in during the Class Cause Week.

-Discussion of the Parent Portal/ Grade Book.

-On December 1st, it’s Worlds Aids Day. We were in contact with ITS (International Thespian Society). Wear Black for Valley Cup points, and it would be to spread awareness.

-Buy Metamorphosis tickets for Valley Cup points and to support theatre.


Senior Class Council Meeting #9:

November 2nd, 2016 at 7:30am


Poinsettia sale→ Shop Rite

Find if they approve of it and we have 2 weeks to do that

We would hand them out a few days before break

Dec 1 → send out an order form

In the letter, say we want it by December 12th, which is a Monday.

We should do karaoke night on the Thursday.


Senior Class Council Meeting #8:

October 26th, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance: 12 people, including Chloe


Fundraising Ideas:

-Demarest farm donuts, wed. free, morning hot chocolate and donuts

-Call them to figure it out, what day they give out the donuts

-t-shirt sale?

-We need $7,000-$10,000 for prom

-Karaoke night/ talent night (week before the firs basketball game or second week of December)

-Sports night during the week, it brings in 300-400

-PV magnet and stickers

-Email the parents for the fundraisers


-Big flower sale for the juniors, in the spring

-Poinsettia sale for Christmas

-Shovel driveways

-Reith sale for Christmas

-Christmas candy canes

-Matt should dress up like Santa Clause (and people can pay to take pictures with him)

-Big candy canes (different flavors)


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #3:

October 20th, 2016 at 7:20am

Attendance: Matt Urrea, Justin Sison, Eva Rosini, Jacob Steinberg, Kyle Comito, James, Nugent, Jack Devanna, Nick DiBari, Jodie Hoffman, Olivia Wang, Joe Marrone


Welcomed freshman council members

  • Potential Class causes:


My Sister’s Place


Presidents’ and Treasurers’ report

Valley Cup

  • Freshman thoughts

Really fun but a lot of the freshman were saying it was boring

Cool to get the audience involved

  • Next Valley Cup

Only three theme days

Ideas: 80’s day, Frat day, Groutfit day, Fit day, Pajama day, Flannel day

  • Correct way to approach valley cup

Make the dress-up days harder so people go all-out or easier to be more inclusive?

Make dress-up days more exciting (different ways of informing)?

  • Initial Plan

Cheerleaders and dance team perform

Emilio and Drew commentating

College Fair

  • Wear PV gear and be on time

Homecoming BBQ

  • Need volunteers during certain time slots for community service

Coat Drive

  • Looking for new or gently used coats to donate for a Native American community

Homes for Our Troops

  • Collecting November 7, 8, 9
  • 2nd period class to collect the most money will get a breakfast (so will runner up)
  • Encourage your class to donate

Class Cause Week Plans

  • Each class should have a speaker come in and speak to the student body on behalf of our class cause
  • Each cause gets a hallway to decorate
  • Dress-Up day for the color of your cause
  • Weeks

4/17 – seniors (speedball)

4/24 – juniors (soccer)

5/1 – sophomores (volleyball/basketball)

5/8 – freshman (undecided)


Senior Class Council Meeting #7:

October 19th, 2016 at 7:30am


Fundraiser Ideas:

-hot chocolate (6-7 packets→ 1 box?)

-cups and lids


-pennant sale

-L17 or B17 tee-shirt, “thanks PV, it’s been a good b17.”


Senior Class Council Meeting #6:

September 28th, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance: Everyone


1.) Discussed the sales from the sports games & Back to School Night

2.) October 20th, on Thursday, is the college fair.

       Council members need to help out.

       volunteers for the main doors and main gym entrance door

       172 colleges coming at 4:00pm

       we need escorts for the counselors and to bring them to the gym/caf

       Different shifts from 4:30-9:30pm

3.) Hot chocolate for the games

4.) Class Picture today

5.) Valley Cup


Senior Class Council Meeting #5:

September 21, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance: Everyone


1.) Bags

        -we should sell it at games because the parents buy them

2.) Valley Cup

3.) Make signs for the soccer games for when we sell water and bags.


EXEC and Senior Class Council Meeting:

September 16th, 2016 at 7:30am

Attendance (from the Senior Class): Eva, Nick, Olivia, Matt, James, Jacob, Jack, Kyle

Main Agenda –> Sportsmanship at sporting events

Pascack Valley sports executive (Mr. Catoni) talked to us about sportsmanship at the games and how we need to stop chanting against the other team

  • Make the games more about the sport and less about the fans


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #2:

September 15th, 2016 at 7:20am

Attendance: Jodie, Matt, Eva, Olivia, Jacob, James, Jack, Joe, Justin, Kyle, and Sue

  1. Proposed amendment to Article XII of the PV Constitution
    • the run off clause
    • applied to the representatives
    • for ex: 4 people were tied for one spot
  2. Valley Cup Dress Up Days
    • 9/19 (Monday)- not a theme day
    • 9/20- Tie Dye Tuesday
    • 9/21- Wacky Wednesday (crazy socks, crazy hat, inside and outside)
    • 9/22- Patriotic Thursday (wear red, white, and blue)
    • 9/23- Green and White
  3. Activities for Valley Cup, on Friday (9/23)
    • soccer shootout (4 total players- 3 shooters, 1 goalie = at least one of them have to be female) (Point value = 100,75,50,25)
    • 2 grades verse each other
    • championship round
    • tie breaker=sudden death
    • Faculty vs. Student
    • 8 players at a time (2 players from each grade = one male and one female)
    • game to 25 pts
    • faculty = 4 males and 4 females
  4. Sportsmanship and respect at games
    • DeMaio talked to us about being good representatives of the school.


Back to school night tonight


Senior Class Council Meeting #4

September 14th, 2016 at 7:30am


  1. Food trucks
    • An idea to sell water and gatorade during the games
    • Next home game is a week from Friday the 16th
    • At a few soccer games→  food trucks, and the council should sell water & drinks
  2. T-shirts and Draw String bags are still available
  3. Class participation
    • We need more participation from everyone. We encourage others to be more active during Valley Cup, dress up days, and any other school events.


Senior Class Council Meeting #3

September 8th, 2016 at 7:30am


  1. Advertising the Food Truck at games
    • The Senior Class receives 10% of the profit.
  2. Demarest Farms idea
    • possibly the idea of pumpkin/apple picking and hay rides
  3. School Bulletin Board
    • the secretary is in charge of that
  4. Class Picture
    • On September 28th, during Pascack Period
    • Also, a measurement for the caps and gowns
  5. Should the class have a text message for Valley Cup week?
    • It is an automated reminder to dress up for certain days.


Senior Class Council Meeting #2

June 16th, 2016 at 7:30am


  1. how to hype up the whole class?
    • As a class council member, we should dress up to encourage other people to do it.
    • Talking to people individually is probably better than mass emails, especially for those who don’t dress up
    • As seniors, it’s our last ride
    • Social Media accounts to remind the class
    • Class Canvas→  In a sense, we might need to have a class canvas, so we see the dress up days on the canvas calendar. We should also focus more about everything, rather than just the Valley Cup. For example, the crowd in sports teams.
    • We have to make sure the crowd isn’t out of handle in any sports events.
  2. Valley Cup
    • there isn’t a lot of time to do all the Valley Cup events
    • only 4 Valley Cups a year, why can’t we extend the time period for the events?
    • People always try to leave during Valley Cup days.
    • The 6th period teacher should just bring them down to the class (if they let us do that).
    • sports events hype people up (don’t cut sports out of the Valley Cup)
    • An idea: Just a relay race with food.
    • We could ask for a crowd meter, so that the crowd participates in Valley Cup
    • A student vs. faculty is a really good crowd pleaser.
    • If all the teachers go all out, it would be so much better.
    • We should get a hype squad.


Senior Class Council Meeting #1

June 15th, 2016 at 7:30am


  1. Preparing for Graduation
    • sell water
    • starts at 6:00
    • council members should come by 4:00-5:00pm


EXECUTIVE MEETING with all the councils #1:

June 14, 2016 at 7:20am

We introduced ourselves, to ensure that everyone knew each other.

We did a congratulations to all the current seniors that are graduating. To commemorate Josh’s moment of hurting his arm, during their last Valley Cup, Buchanan gave them little Valley Cup trophies so they could remember their moments of winning.

Zack passed the gavel onto Emilio.


  1. President’s Vision
    • more involvement with activities, other than sporting events
    • discussion about the school mascot (the issue and the controversy)
    • President to meet with the Exec at least once a month
    • all Exec liaisons to meet with their councils
    • all the minutes on the Council to be accessed easily on the Smoke Signal
  2. Valley Cup
    • We would have a final joint Valley Cup at the end, to create more of an incentive for the people.
    • Possibly a grand cup from Hills and Valley
  3. Class Councils
    • Encourage to attend Councils outside of their own Class Council, like our class can go help out with the Paramus Veterans Home
  4. 9th grade orientation
    • go to the orientation & help escort people, if they need any help.
    • On August 31st, 2016 ← the day before the first day of school.
    • We should be decked out in green. It shows unity.
  5. Homecoming
    • third homecoming
    • we are going to do Halloween themed
    • Talk to Kelly or Chloe
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