The Smoke Signal

Senior Council

Students on Senior Council

President: Kiera Foster

Vice President: Julie Allmers

Treasurer: Aiden Ward

Secretary: Bridget Coyle

Representatives: Thomas Dewitt, Ava Devincenzo, Elise Schicker, Evan Murad, Talian Dian


January 19th, 2021


  • Senior Citizens Call
    • RV Jewish Center: Evan meet with them or call again
    • Hillsdale House: call again 
    • American Legion: they said they will get back to Thomas
    • Update spreadsheet with senior citizens- Keep in order of days 
    • Aiden create form for students for availability
  • Elementary School Reading 
    • Smith: in contact with principal, set it up, teachers reply- follow up, or pre recorded video 
    • Roberge: specific book needed, students involved, number of classes 
    • Meadowbrook: in contact 
  • Cardboard Cutouts 
    • Fan Night 
    • Send out Google Form- open up to parents, students, and faculty 
  • MLK Day 
    •  Made over 100- venmo to Kiera to Venmo Jerome

January 12th, 2021


  • Mascot 
    • Lions, hawks, vipers, jaspers
  • Senior-to-Senior Phone Call
    • RV Jewish Center: waiting for approval 
    • American Legion: have a list by january 22nd
    • Hillsdale House: pass onto management, give call or email soon, have people come into to set up phone, figure out what residents want to be called 
    • Patty Hughes: getting a list of interested people 
      • Make a google form for students to sign up 
      • Create spreadsheet to organize which student is calling on which date 
      • Spreadsheet: Senior citizen, name, phone number, student assigned
      • Other classes are interested in participating 
  • Cardboard Cut Out 
    • Sports starting
      • line the top row of bleachers
      • Fan Night?- choose one night for each sport to space them out 
      • Talk to Buchanan about the logistics 
    • $23 to make- charge $25
    • 5 business days to create them 
    • Honor essential workers in our class
      • Get list of kids who volunteer in healthcare, food store
    • Parents section and student section ($30 for parents, $25 for students)
  • MLK Day 
    • Put people on Instagram Story and use Venmo to donate the money to a community organization
      • Organization/ Small Business
    • Read a book to elementary school kids over Zoom or Google Meet (guest reader)
      • Julie: Roberge 
      • Elise: Smith 
      • Talia: Woodside
      • Kiera: Meadowbrook
      • Evan: design Instagram story 

January 5th, 2021


  • Music in hallways 
    • Lots of students and teachers loved it 
  • Bulletin Board 
    • Waiting to see if we are remote or not
    • Need pictures and decorations 
  • Martin Luther King Day 
  • Valentine’s Day 
    • Carnation sales have been successful previously
    • Pick up or drive-thru as a way to give the carnations? 
    • Back up plan: if we don’t sell enough, we can make a bouquet and give them to parents, teachers, health care workers, or students who internship at a healthcare facility 
    • Cards for the senior community 
  • “Seniors Adopt a Senior” phone call 
    • The week before Valentine’s Day (Feb 9,10, 11) between after 3-4 pm 
    • Sign up for interest and we give the name and number of a person
    • Ask for availability with a certain window of time 
    • Call Hillsdale House, Rivervale Jewish Home, or American Legion to ask for a connection with students
      • Thomas- American Legion
      • Evan- Rivervale Jewish Home 
      • Elise- Hillsdale House 
    • Pair up students who speak different languages to speak with seniors who don’t speak English 
    • Ask Buchanan for a Senior Citizen list 
    • Give the senior class a blurb of what to start with or a list of questions to go off of
  • Class Cause Involvement 
    • Maybe do a JDRF fundraiser on Instagram 
  • Senior Class Picture 
    • Send pictures in and make a collage 
  • Time Capsule 
    • Each student gets a bag and you can fill it with pictures and a letter 
    • Open at a future high school reunion 

December 15th, 2020


  • Candy Gram 
    • Buy supplies over the weekend and drop off at Kiera’s
    • Keep selling until Thursday  
    • Hand out in school next week
      • Kiera hand out during period 8 (Cohort A- Wednesday)
      • Aiden hand out during period 4 (Cohort B- Tuesday)
      • Julie deliver the remote 
  • Hillsdale Food Pantry Donation 
    • Helping Hand Food Pantry 
      • Send check or Shoprite GC
      • Use venmo (Julie) or drop off at address 
  • Instagram Contest
    • Exec. Valley Cup
    • Snowday: snowman contest 
      • Dunkin GC- $5 for the winner (Jerome will buy and email to the winner)
  • Valley Committed 2020 Instagram 
    • Kiera and Evan 
  • Promote Holiday Concert on Social Media 
    • Make Instagram story or Twitter post
  • Music in Hallways 
    • Thursday and Friday (play the same 3-4 songs in between periods) 
    • Leave a few minutes before class and go to office to play the song 

December 8th, 2020


  • Instagram Posts 
    • Canva app 
    • Voting on Winter Break 
    • Prize $5-10 Dunkin GC
      • Julie contacting Dunkin about donation
  • Ugly Sweater Contest 
    • Entry is Venmo donation
    • People post and we tag them on insta story 
    • Challenge other grades to ugly sweater contest (choose a winner from one grade and vote)
  • Candy Grams 
    • Swiss Miss and marshmallows package with little note
    • Elise made Google Form ($3 each) 
    • Donate the money to 
    • Collect orders until next tuesday/wednesday and then buy supplies 
      • Bridget: marshmallows
      • Talia: hot cocoa mix 
      • Elise: assembly 
      • Aiden: candy canes 
      • Kiera: send out google form 
    • If people received candy gram they pick up at certain time in front of school 
  • Luminary Sale 
    • Order and place around the school to light it up at night 
      • Sand or rocks to weigh them down 
      • Organize and set up on December 23rd 
    • Donate the proceeds to PV hospital or sponsor lunch for teachers/custodial staff/ front line workers 
    • Get other grades on board and they would use their own venmos 

December 1st, 2020


  • Hallway Decorations 
    • Exec planning on the fundraiser 
  • Music over Loudspeaker 
    • Email GD with a more concise plan 
  • Candy Grams 
    • Elise order candy canes 
    • 18th last day to order 
    • Hand out on the 22 and 23 of December 
      • If virtual: maybe send a virtual email note 
        • Or drop off at houses 
  • Holiday 
    • Instagram Story Tournament: 
      • Favorite Holiday Movie
      • Holiday Decoration Challenge 
      • Pet Costume
      • Ugly Holiday Sweaters 
      • Gingerbread Houses  
      • Cookie Contest  
      • Snowman Building 
    • Countdown to Winter Break 
  • Car Parade 
    • Drive-By with the Candy Grams (?)
    • Social Distanced gathering from car 
    • Julie asks GD for car parade 
    • Drive Through Donations for Holiday Season 
      • Venmo $5 to fund dinner for nurses 
  • Hot Chocolate Kit Fundraiser 
    • Mason Jar

November 24th, 2020


  • Council Bulletin Board 
  • Apparel Pick-Up
    • When we come back 
  • Hallway Decoration Contest 
    • Evan in contact with Delia Sutnick 
  • Candy-Gram 
    • Holiday season- order off Amazon 
    • Venmo Kiera and fill out Google Form 
    • Fully-remote: drop off 
  • 25 Days of Holiday Break 
    • Ginger-bread houses
    • Ugly Sweaters 
    • What are you doing over holiday break 
    • All on Instagram Story 
  • Instagram Story Takeovers with showing other aspects of PV
  • Dedicating songs to people over the loudspeaker 
  • Unity across councils 
    • Support councils in their fundraising 
  • Prom Update
    • June 8th at the Rockleigh outdoors

November 17th, 2020


  • Thanksgiving Cards 
    • Due Date: Friday/ Cards Sent: Monday
    • Aiden made google form and Evan and Ava writing cards 
    • Julie writing an email to be sent to the school 
  • Hallway Decorations 
    • Month of December- talk to exec 
    • Stay away from religions- Winter Wonderland theme
    • Assigned theme per grade- movie, cities (?)
    • Each team should submit a proposal to Pollinger before starting
    • Cohort A and B teams stay after school to work on it 
    • Bring in PVTV or Instagram Takeover 
  • Wreath Fundraiser 
    • Buy in bulk and pick up 
    • Handling money- using gloves 
  • Hot Chocolate 
    • Sell when people leave school 
  • Candy Gram 
    • Candy Cane sale and hand out during the school day 
  • Ice Skating Fundraiser (?)
    • Van Saun Winter Wonderland outside 
  • Prom Update 
    • Still have Sheridan 
    • Rockleigh- June 8th or the 15th (outside) 
    • Still have to hear from then about Friday (11th)
    • Split the cost with the juniors
    • Try calling Pearl River Hilton or Marriot about Friday in June before June 16th or last Friday in May

November 10th, 2020


  • 15 people with clothing leftover- Elise will send out emails to people 
  • Rockleigh Prom Venue- Friday in June 
    • 300 people, outside, first 2 weeks of June, potential rain date (?)
    • Same deal with PV class of 2020
  • Ways to promote school spirit at Valley Cup 
    • Some incentive for adults to dress up
  • Friendsgiving Post Cards 
    • Use google form to be more organized
      • Then handwrite each one 
    • We have a stamp machine – don’t need to buy them 
      • Confirm with the office if we are sending from school 
    • Postcard stamp is 35 cents 
    • $3 per postcard 
    • Aiden making Google Form 
    • Kiera will order the postcards today 
  • Buy tickets to play (Talia)
    • Promote on Instagram and Twitter 
  • Hallway decorations (Julie)
    • Talk at big council meeting this Friday 
  • Fundraiser- faces printed out on poster for in the crowd 
    • Winter sports
    • Logistics of who would set them up and put them away 
  • Wreath Fundraiser 
  • Week of thanksgiving- something to do in the building (megaphone about what we are grateful for)

November 3rd, 2020


  • Fundraisers with Venmo account 
    • Mr cupcakes or hold my knots
  • Weekly Meetings on Tuesday mornings at 7:45
  • Cohort A and B need to pick up clothes for one more day 
  • Have a tentative date for indoor prom at Sheridan
    • Will get 100% refunded (possibly of non-refundable)
  • Alternate idea: outdoor prom and rent everything- held at the school 
  • Yearbook ideas (Christmas, other holidays)
  • Candy gram for Thanksgiving (?)
    • Mailing it around town – make sure it goes out before the Friday before 
    • Blank postcards (decorate your own) or already made on Etsy 
  • 12 Days of Christmas 
    • One day dress up
  • Hallway decorating contest 
    • Lockers for Thanksgiving – give people a number (Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving)
    • Whole Hallways for Holiday Season (competition with causes?)
  • TEEEM Lakoda Clothing Drive and NHS Food Drive → promote on social media (tagging people)
  • Promote wearing masks on social media (Instagram and Twitter)
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