PV to remain remote through Jan. 18

Over 100 PV students either tested positive or were directly exposed to COVID-19

Isabella Zuluaga, Staff Editor

Although still in progress, local health officials have completed “enough” of their contact tracing investigation and recommend that Pascack Valley remain fully remote through Jan. 18 with a scheduled reopening of Jan. 19, according to an email from district Superintendent Erik Gundersen. 

Gundersen said that this decision was made after health officials identified over 100 PV students that either tested positive or were directly exposed to COVID-19 and therefore need to quarantine.

“Nearly all incidents stem from social gatherings that took place over New Year’s weekend,” Gundersen said in the email. 

Gundersen further mentioned that by students attending large gatherings, not only are their families at risk, but the entire community as well. 

The rotation schedule will stay the same with Friday being a “B5” day and Monday an “A1” day. Students are required to check-in through Genesis and attend each period’s scheduled Google Meet – any student who misses a scheduled class call will be marked absent.

All co-curricular activities will be remote as well, and students are not permitted to be in the building. Teachers, however, may continue to teach from their classrooms. 

“We strongly urge all students and their families to refrain from attending social gatherings,” Gundersen said.