PV to go fully remote for Jan. 29

Two individuals who had been in the PV building tested positive for COVID-19

Isabella Zuluaga, Staff Editor

Pascack Valley will be fully remote on Friday, Jan. 29 after two individuals who had been in the PV building tested positive for COVID-19, according to an email from district Superintendent Erik Gundersen. 

Contact tracing has begun, but due to the number of people involved, this investigation will take some time,” Gundersen said. 

All in-person events scheduled for the evening of Thursday, Jan. 28 will be canceled and held remotely. According to the email, the district “will provide an update on whether athletics can take place on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.”

PV will remotely operate on a “B1” schedule on Friday.

Both students and teachers are not allowed in the building during this time. Classes will continue remotely with the expectation that students check-in to their classes through Genesis and attend each period’s scheduled Google Meet.

An update will be provided Friday afternoon regarding the opening of the building for in-person learning on Monday and whether or not sporting events may continue through the weekend, according to Gundersen. 

Gundersen acknowledged that “shifting back and forth” between in-person learning and remote is “difficult” to both students and teachers, but he said he appreciates the effort during this “very challenging” time. 

“Teachers, I know how hard teaching is during ‘normal times’ – how you are juggling the hybrid schedule, in-person and remote learners, and this shift back and forth between the schools being opened and closed is nothing short of remarkable,” Gundersen said. “You truly are heroes to our community.”