PV senior takes to the ice to showcase her talents

A look into the life of figure skater Hannah Gottfreid

Kayla Barry, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.50.50 AM
PV Senior Hannah Gottfried practices her figure skating routine.

The delicate music of Les Mis begins to play. The ice skates hit the ice in a swift motion. The routine that has been practiced for weeks begins. The skates keep moving and turning as the music goes on. Hannah Gottfried does one last leap as she finishes her seamless performance.

For almost 12 years, PV senior Hannah Gottfried has invested most of her free time in doing something she loves: figure skating.

She immediately was hooked to the sport when she went to a Disney on Ice performance with her mom. Wanting to be just like the princesses on the ice, she knew figure skating was what she wanted to do.

Along with the ice-hockey team, Gottfried can be seen practicing at Sport-O-Rama in Monsey, NY.  Being a part of the North Jersey Figure Skating Club, she works on her skill every day after school and on Saturday mornings.

Gottfried explained that the club was not like a traditional team because “everyone has their own individual coaches since it is more of an individual sport.”

Once you get out there, you calm yourself down and you know what you’re doing.”

— Hannah Gottfried

January is the start of the competition season, but Gottfried’s first competition is not until April. The season usually goes on to October, which is around the time Regionals is. If she is able to qualify, Sectionals and Nationals follow up in late December and early January. All her competitions are local until it gets to Regionals, Sectionals, and Nationals.

“I do get nervous for competitions,” she says, “ but once you get out there, you calm yourself down and you know what you’re doing.”

Since Gottfried is at a certain level, she gets to perform two routines: one short program and one long program. Her long program routine this year has been her favorite, since she will be skating to Les Mis which is the music she has wanted for multiple years.

Gottfried said, “I like doing laybacks, spins are my speciality, and jumping, but that’s harder.”

Figure skating has taught Gottfried the important lessons of time management and sacrifice. Her practices are usually three hours almost every day which makes her have to plan when she will get her homework done and when she will sleep. Having to practice so many times a week, Gottfried has learned to give up time that could be spent on other things to skate.

I love that figure skating is so unique. When people ask me about it I get so excited. I just love it.”

— Hannah Gottfried

“I have to sacrifice going out with friends and going on family vacations, because skating is so expensive.” Gottfried said, “It is one of the most expensive sports there is, because you have your competition entrance fee, your costumes, and your skates. It’s hard, but I love it.”

The friends Gottfried has made skating is definitely the best thing that has come out of the sport for her.

“My best friend is competing in the Czech Republic right now and she’s going to be there for two weeks.” She said, “My best friends are through figure skating and I’ve had them since I was six.”

Being a senior and all, Gottfried has decided to continue figure skating in college. She just got accepted into her top school, the University of Delaware. It has the #1 figure skating team in the country and she has been presented the opportunity of competing with them if she attends.

“I have already been down there [Delaware] for practices,” Gottfried said, “and I’ve talked to the coach. I just need to go there and then I’m in!”

Although she wants to figure skate throughout college, she does not plan on doing it professionally after that. Gottfried right now has decided that she would like to get a stable job after college and then eventually coach figure skating, since she enjoys it too much to fully leave it behind.  

“I love that figure skating is so unique,” Gottfried said, “ and when people ask me about it I get so excited. I just love it.”