PV Logo Selection Committee holds first meeting, outlines process


Emily Moy

The PV Logo Selection Committee held its first meeting Thursday, April 15. Director of Technology and Communication Paul Zeller outlined the meeting and process in an email sent to the PV Student Publication.

Ellie Kim, Editor in Chief

(Editor’s Note: The PV Student Publication received an email from district Director of Technology and Communication Paul Zeller, outlining the PV Logo Committee’s first meeting and its future plans. Below are the highlights from the email.)

The Pascack Valley Mascot Committee had its first meeting Thursday, April 15 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. via Google Meet. The committee includes seven students, three teachers, two administrators, one Board of Education member, one observer, and one consultant. 

Information about the meeting:

– Lori Perlow, the Camden County Education Services Commission Communication Manager, was introduced to the committee. Perlow will be leading the committee through the process and has helped schools and businesses through rebranding initiatives.

– Perlow provided the agenda for the process: an overview of the branding process, brainstorming, and creative discussion. 

– A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. 

– A mascot is a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck, or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization. The PV mascot is the Panthers and the committee is tasked with establishing a logo for that mascot.

Brainstorming and Creative Discussion

– Perlow facilitated a discussion about mascots using samples provided by PV students who responded to Director of Athletics Shawn Buchanan’s email requesting input from students. There were seven total responses, which included concepts such as using the head of a panther vs. the full body of a panther, and a forward-facing panther vs. the profile of a panther.

– Committee members shared words or phrases that were important to them regarding the mascot. The words “pride/proud” and “strong” seemed to be the most popular.

– Perlow introduced the idea of possibly having a tagline such as, “My blood flows green and white,” which is said by many alumni. The committee also discussed different fonts and color palettes. Although there was a discussion, a decision was not made.  

Next steps:

– While the committee is incredibly appreciative of the input it has already received and the designs already submitted to Buchanan, it wants to make sure the entire student body has an opportunity to have input – especially those who may not be capable of putting together a graphic design on their own but have strong opinions nonetheless.

– The committee decided it wants to put out a survey, asking questions in line with the options that Perlow presented to the committee and providing one more opportunity for people to submit designs if they so choose.  Having 1,200+ people all actively discuss this in a committee is impossible, but with survey results, the committee will have a more comprehensive understanding of the PV community’s thoughts and ideas regarding design and options.

– Perlow will draft a survey in the coming days. The committee intends to send it to PV students and faculty the week of April 19. Once launched, the school community will have one week to complete the survey, and afterward, the committee will review the results and compile the information to provide the designer.