PV Choir Board to host Halloween Talent Night

Sarah Buttikofer and Abby Shapiro

The Pascack Valley Choir Board will be hosting a virtual Halloween Talent Night on Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.

“[Argine] Safari, [advisor of the choir board and choir teacher,] organized the Talent Night and the Choir Board also helped put it together – coincidentally I am also on the Choir Board,” sophomore Emilia Liguori said. “We all decided to contribute our ideas, and figure out what time and what day would work.”

Senior co-host Kyle Towey said that the Talent Night will be released on the PV Choir’s Youtube channel via the playlist format.

“With a digital platform there is a lot more you can do, so I think that it is going to be different, but interesting,” Towey said.

Senior co-host Tyler Toledo said that viewers will get to watch and vote for their favorite performances.

“We won’t be able to have the same experience of going on stage and performing,” Liguori said. “It will be a little bit more of a personal feel because you will be able to see how people are performing their acts in the comfort of their own home.”

According to Safari, by Oct. 26 they had received a total of 15 submissions. In the past, the number of performances was kept to around 18.

“In general I know it is a lot easier for people to participate [in a virtual setting] because people might not feel comfortable going up on stage and singing or dancing,” Toledo said. “Since it is virtual and you can just click record and have the option of redoing it, I think it is open to a much broader audience of people who are willing to participate.”

The Board decided to extend the submission date from Oct. 16 to Oct. 21 because, according to Safari, “students are going through a lot right now.”

“I think that this is going to be unlike any of the previous Talent Nights, especially the previous Halloween Talent Nights,” Towey said. “I am hosting this one, as I did last time, and it is a completely different experience.”

Safari said that one of the Board’s main goals for this year’s Talent Night is to “make sure everyone is together and sharing their talents.”

“This night really means unity, because as a community we don’t get to see each other the same way that we used to,” Liguori said. “Being able to have a talent night is really important so that we are able to show off different skills while being at home, and connect with the community.”