PV Bro Squad hosts 10th anniversary a cappella festival

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Argine Safari, the choir teacher at Pascack Valley and 2017 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year’s, favorite memory with the Bro Squad took place in 2013 in Philadelphia for a choral competition. On a Saturday morning, they were heading down the streets of Philadelphia to get to their next destination. They noticed a bridal party coming out of one of the hotels, heading to a wedding. The boys in Bro Squad started singing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz for the bride.

“The bride was shocked and very emotional at first,” Safari said. “But then she followed along and started enjoying the moment.”

While Safari was worried that the bride would be late for the wedding, she found out that the groom waited two and a half years for her while she was being treated for cancer and going through her chemotherapy sessions.

“This, to me, is more precious than any trophies or awards,” Safari said.

However, PV’s Bro Squad, an all-male a capella group, has won many awards over the 10 years they have been performing. Just this year, the choir took a trip to Montreal, where Bro Squad won silver and were only two points away from getting gold.

Last Thursday, May 31, Bro Squad hosted a concert in a celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary. The group started in 2007. At the event, there were performances from past Bro Squad members, current members, and middle school students who will be a part of Bro Squad in the future. The concert also featured PV’s all female a capella group, B Naturals.

Additionally, Princeton University’s all male a capella group, The Nassoons, made an appearance and performed at the event. They were founded in 1941, making them Princeton’s oldest a capella ensemble.

“What I am looking for [in someone who participates in Bro Squad] is just really a positive attitude, ability to match the pitch, and a love for singing,” Safari said. 

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