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The Smoke Signal welcomes all opinions and responses to school events and our articles in the form of comments and Letters to the Editor. Comments can be left at the bottom of each and every article using the designated comment boxes. Letters are encouraged and should be submitted via email to [email protected]

Comments on articles must be school appropriate and cannot be a personal attack on an individual. Anonymous comments are not allowed. A commenter’s first name, last name, and email must always be included in the designated boxes. In all cases, The Smoke Signal Staff will contact the author of the comment for confirmation. A response to the email is required for a comment to be approved on the website. All comments are subjected to prior review. Comments will only be denied if they do not follow the criteria explained above.

Letters may be edited for clarity or length. In no way will the meaning of a Letter to the Editor ever be changed. It is up to The Smoke Signal’s discretion whether or not a letter will be published.

The Smoke Signal has the right to publish tweets. According to Twitter’s policy, all tweets, whether protected by the private setting or not, are public property. The Smoke Signal reserves the right to publish articles consisting of Twitter reactions to sporting events, school, news, etc. See the editorial Tweets Can Echo for additional information.

In the case that a factual error is made in an article and brought to our attention, an italicized editor’s comment will be made at the top of the article for clarity and transparency. We will avoid editing content in already published articles without such a note to signify a change has been made.

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