Pat Luisi: Hillsdale

Pat Luisi: Hillsdale

(Editor’s Note: Some responses are edited for clarity, but no response has been condensed or added upon.)

Seat: Hillsdale

Occupation: Management position in Supply Chain Management

Job Location: New York City

Married: Yes

Kids: 3

Hobbies: “I have been able to spend quite a bit of spare time coaching sports in Hillsdale. Since I’ve moved to Hillsdale I’ve coached basketball, softball, baseball, and football. That has certainly helped me grow as a person, a friend, and a father. I also like to spend time with family and friends, many of whom live in the community.”

Reason to run: “I have been a Hillsdale resident since 2006. After spending the last 10 or so years traveling both domestically and internationally for work, I’ve spent the last majority of this year working with little travel. It’s allowed me to spend more time to do some diligence and get a better understanding of the mechanics around school functions and our educational system. Particularly the Board of Educations role. I’ve had two children graduate from Pascack Valley and have another child currently in Meadowbrook School in Hillsdale. I have been so fortunate to be able to help coach children in sports activities since I’ve moved to Hillsdale and I have a vested interest in not only my children, my friend children, and the hundreds I’ve been blessed to coach over the years. I believe that in these uncertain times, it’s even more critical that the focus is on advancing the education and the educational welfare of the children in the school district. I believe that the skill set that has helped me both professionally and personally provide a strong foundation for me to excel as a Board of Education member. Our children, the community’s children, deserve the best.”

What do you hope to accomplish if you win?: “If I am fortunate enough to win a seat on the Board of Education, I would dedicate myself to adding value to the board, the educational system, and the community. I would first assure that any goals and plans that the board has In progress are seen through and successful. I would want to be sure that the community, children, parents, and educators have a voice and understand that their opinion matters. Our communication with the community needs to open and transparent, with mutual respect and understanding. It’s also vital to me that the entire community have a voice, not just the people who may agree with my ideas and visions. The Board of Education cannot lose the trust of the community. I also feel that the educational goals and vision should try and foster the best education for all children in our system and understand that not all students have the same plans after high school. Ultimately I want to continue and grow our tradition of a strong, successful education program in the district. “

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