Pascack Valley to remain fully remote through Nov. 23

Third PV individual tests positive for COVID-19

Spencer Goldstein, Editor in Chief

After a third Pascack Valley individual tested positive for COVID-19, the school will operate on a fully remote schedule through Nov. 23, according to an email from district Superintendent Erik Gundersen. 

All of these cases relate back to a single event that took place over the weekend – an event not affiliated with Pascack Valley High School,” Gundersen said.

According to the email, “the ongoing contact tracing investigation indicates a significant number of students have had close contact with the individuals who have tested positive.” In addition, Gundersen noted that there are currently a total of 20 PV teachers who are now required to teach from home.

“While we already have more substitute teachers on-call this year than ever before, having this many teachers out for a prolonged period of time has created a staffing shortage,” Gundersen said.

Despite classes taking place entirely online, all athletics will continue to take place during this period. Everyone who either tested positive or is thought to have been in contact with someone who tested positive is not currently permitted to be active in any athletics. 

“In an effort to try to maintain a sense of normalcy for as many students as we can, and with approval from the Department of Health, sports will continue,” Gundersen said.

During the fully virtual learning period, all students will be required to check-in remotely for each class. PV will continue to follow its regular rotation schedule. 

“‘Pandemic fatigue’ has set in for so many of us who want things to go back to normal,” Gundersen said. “Unfortunately, when we let down our guard with respect to wearing masks and staying socially distant, outbreaks occur which impact each and every one of us. Please, as the weather gets colder and the holidays draw closer, continue to wear masks, stay socially distant, and be safe. Our ability to keep our community healthy, as well as keep our schools and local businesses open, relies on everyone following these protocols.”