Pascack Period Tour: Yoga


Bryanna Testino

Ms. Francesca Silvano leads Pascack Valley students in yoga during her Pascack Period class.

Madison Gallo, Bryanna Testino, and Kayla Barry

Yoga classes are calm, balancing, and peaceful, and the class taught at PV during the Pascack Period is just that. You can find Signora Francesca Silvano and her class in the dance room during the A session.

Silvano demonstrates the correct ways to position yourself in poses and movement transitions. With every pose taught, a description of the body part being helped or actively engaged is given. The students are encouraged to try their best and reach their fullest potential in the class.


“Signora Silvano is an amazing teacher who inspires me every day,” senior Shanon Pasternak said. He is in Silvano’s Italian and yoga classes.

Senior Brenna Fitzmaurice had taken a meditation course last year in her Pascack Period time and decided to continue on with something similar this year.

“I wanted to do something active while still calming,” she said.


Outside of school Silvano teaches yoga, especially one-on-one yoga therapy for athletes and post injury patients. She has high hopes for this class, one of them being for those who participate in the course to meet her in New York City to take a class with one of the many yoga masters that teach there. She sees this course as a way to expose students to yoga and the many benefits.


“My goal is to expose them [students] to more breathing/relaxation techniques, especially as we approach the end of the school year, SATs, and graduation,” Silvano said.