Pascack Hills community holds protest against removal of mascots

Abby Shapiro and Isabella Zuluaga

Members of the Pascack Hills and Pascack Valley community gathered in the PH parking lot to protest in favor of the return of the schools’ former mascots – the Cowboys and the Indians, respectively – following the removal of them in a virtual Board of Education meeting held through Zoom on June 22.

In a Facebook post, PH alumni Joseph Wahler said the protest was organized for anyone who opposed the removal of the mascot.

During the protest, PH parents, students, and alumni chanted the school’s anthem and they expressed their concerns about the BOE’s decision to change the mascot. 

Abby Shapiro

PH alumni Fran Mendola speaks out on the BOE’s decision to remove both the Indian and Cowboy mascots from the district’s high schools.

Abby Shapiro

The PV and PH communities protest against the removal of the Cowboy and Indian mascots at today’s rally.

Abby Shapiro

PV Alumni Barbra Royland shares why she believes the PH and PV mascot should stay.