Panthers set to become Pascack Valley’s new mascot

Decision requires approval from Board of Education

Spencer Goldstein and Ilmie Xhaferi

The Pascack Valley mascot option with the most votes is the Panthers, according to Assistant Principal John Puccio. Therefore, pending approval from the Board of Education, the Panthers are set to become Valley’s new mascot.

PV’s three finalists were the Panthers, Hawks, and Green Wave. 

Voting for PV’s mascot took place today between 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Panthers accumulated 648 total votes – 68.5% of the total amount. Green Wave received 167 votes (17.7%) and Hawks received 131 votes (13.8%), according to Puccio.

Out of the 1,266 students and faculty eligible to vote, 946 opted to do so.

Pascack Hills also named the Broncos its new mascot, according to The Trailblazer.

“On behalf of the administration and Mr. Buchanan, we want to thank the committee [members] for all their work, all the time they volunteered, and for paying attention to detail,” Puccio said. “We want to thank all the individual students and faculty and staff who came out and voted too.”