Los Fuertes de Loreto: ‘a tiny restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and fast service’


Megan Austin

Editors Megan Austin and Emily Moy review Los Fuertes de Loreto in Hillsdale.

Megan Austin and Emily Moy

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, for this month’s food review, editors Emily Moy and Megan Austin visited Los Fuertes de Loreto, a family-owned Mexican restaurant in the center of Hillsdale. It is located between Ronnie’s Bagels and Ken’s Deli; this tiny restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and fast service. 

Immediately after ordering, a waiter delivered chips and salsa to the table. The chips are house-made, and the homemade salsa had just enough heat. 

The chips and salsa were on the house and served almost immediately after we sat down. Emily Moy

For a starter, the nachos (priced at $9.95) seemed like a great pick. The chips were coated in refried beans, cheese and jalapeño peppers. While refried beans aren’t a popular food in the US, these beans were some of the better refried beans we have had. 

About ten minutes after ordering, our food arrived. Emily ordered chicken chalupas and Megan ordered a taco, burrito and enchilada combo. The chalupas were priced at $16.95 for eight, and the combo was priced at $14.95. 

The prices are a little bit high, especially considering that one chalupa cost a little over $2, but the quality of the food makes it worth it.

The chalupas have the perfect blend of flavor. Emily’s favorite part of them was actually the avocado—it tied all of the other ingredients together. The chalupas are also small enough to be eaten with your hands, but they can get a bit messy. 

Emily thought the best part of the chalupas was the avocado, which brought the whole dish together. Emily Moy

The combo which included a taco, burrito and enchilada was delicious. While the rice was quite ordinary, the burrito and enchilada’s flavors stood out the most. 

The burrito was covered in avocado and a spicy green sauce. This sauce was a perfect addition to the burrito.

Despite the burrito being delicious, the enchilada was the best in the combo. Megan especially enjoyed the melted cheese and chicken in the enchilada. 

Seeing that Los Fuertes de Loreto is a tiny restaurant, most customers order for takeout. However, it’s a great spot to sit down at if you’re looking for a casual place to grab lunch or dinner.

Overall, Los Fuertes de Loreto deserves 9 stars as some of the prices were on the higher side, especially for high school students, but the food was appetizing. 

Los Fuertes de Loreto

116 Broadway

Hillsdale, NJ 07642