Local press picks up on open letter from PV Human Rights League


Curstine Guevarra

The hallways were empty of students on Wednesday morning, as students reported to school at 10 a.m. Teachers used the morning for professional development.

Vanessa Rutigliano, Assistant Editor in Chief

Within the past week, Pascack Valley’s name has been all over the news regarding The Smoke Signal’s open letter to the PV community written by the Human Rights League. Several local news sources have by now written about the issue.

Among these news sites is The Bergen Record, where they published two articles a few days ago about the issue: the first one explains that select students have been disciplined for “racially charged slurs,” while the other includes several comments from superintendent Mr. Erik Gundersen about the issue.

Another local news source that published an article about the issue is “Westwood-Hillsdale Patch,” which quoted the Human Rights League’s letter directly and provided a link to the letter as well.

Other news sources that have published information about the letter and #PeaceinPV include NJ.com, cliffviewpilot.com, and newjersey.adl.org.

The Smoke Signal has published other articles within the past few days about the issue as well, including a news story about the trending Twitter hashtag #PeaceinPV, and another about the general reactions of the school community.

Continue to check The Smoke Signal for more coverage about this issue, including today’s article about Gundersen’s reactions and plans for the future regarding the PV community.