‘Line of support’


Contributed by Kayla Barry

Kayla Barry discusses her support system when dealing with mental health. This consists of herself, her therapist, her parents, her sisters, her friends, and The Smoke Signal Editorial Board and adviser.

Editor’s Note: Kayla’s Korner will be a reoccurring column that deals with mental health and teenage issues.

Support, to me, is the most important thing that goes along with mental health. I have so much support in my life and I am so grateful.

Support is what got me through my dark times.

I feel like the first person for support is yourself. You have to be able to tell yourself that you will be okay. You have to love yourself and be able to keep going.

When I got scared that I was going to end my life, my therapist was my first line of support.

She calmed me down and told me that I was going to be okay. She gave me options as to what to do to get better.

My parents were my next lines of support. My mom did whatever I asked of her and she continually checked up on me after I got out of the inpatient facility.

She gave me countless hugs and made me feel so loved.

My sisters were my next line of support. Although they hate to admit it, they told me they loved me and allowed me to turn to them if I ever needed to talk about anything.

My friends were my one of the last lines of support. I was terrified to tell them where I had been and why I wasn’t around. But when I did, they were happy for me. They hugged me and now they make sure I am always okay and if I ever need to talk, they are just a drive away.

My last line of support is The Smoke Signal Editorial Board and adviser. They all allowed me to write this column and share my story with the world. They always edit my stories and make sure that there are no mistakes. They have allowed me to connect with some many people and talk about mental health openly and freely.

Support is all around. It is just about reaching out. Anyone could become apart of your support system, and it does not matter if it is big or small, as long as you have one.

What exactly is support though?

I feel like it is different for everyone. For me, specifically, is people telling me that they are there for me. I need people in my life that I can talk to and they will listen and give me advice. Everyone in my support system does that. Support, to me, is also hugs and love in general.

If you know me, I love asking for hugs. I just feel like it is a physical thing that shows that you support and love someone. I also love saying “I love you.” I say this constantly to my family as well as my friends.

One of my friends asked me once why I do say it so much. I thought about it for a little while. My answer was this:

You never know when it will be your last day. I like to say ‘I love you,’ because people need to know that I care and love them, especially if something were to happen to me. I do not want the last thing they hear from me to be something meaningless. I want it to be that I love them.  

Thank you to everyone in my life who has supported and helped me in my life. I love you all.

Coming next: Kayla’s Korner will be continuing with weekly articles. Next week will talk about things to do to make people smile. It could save someone’s life.