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Letters to the Editor

The Pascack Valley Student Publication welcomes opinions in the form of comments and letters to the editor.

Letters to the Editor

Letters are encouraged and should be submitted via email to [email protected] Letters should be addressed “Dear Editor” and may be lightly edited only for purposes of clarity or length and without affecting meaning. Letters may not include language deemed objectionable by staff editors and may not include personal attacks, and letters will be published at the discretion of the The PV Student Publication.

Comments on Articles

Comments can be left at the bottom of each and every article using the designated comment boxes. Comments on articles must may not take the forms of personal attacks on individuals. Anonymous comments are not allowed. A commenter’s first name, last name, and email must always be included in the designated boxes. In all cases, The PV Student Publication will contact the author of the comment for confirmation. Unconfirmed comments will not be approved.

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Letters to the Editor