Ken’s Deli: 2022 Revamp

Social Media Editor Megan Austin reviews Kens, a sandwich place located in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Social Media Editor Megan Austin reviews Kens, a sandwich place located in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Megan Austin, Social Media Editor

Ken’s Deli has been renovated and has new ownership. So, is it still the same?

This deli, located in Hillsdale, is known for its breakfast sandwiches. 

For this food review, I ordered my typical breakfast sandwich, an egg and cheese sandwich with Taylor ham and a hash brown. 

After a change in ownership and big renovation, the new owners have managed to keep the breakfast sandwiches the same.

The sandwich is delicious. A typical breakfast sandwich from Ken’s is great, but a breakfast sandwich with a hash brown is immaculate. The texture and added flavor of the hash brown is just perfect. 

Ken’s Deli also succeeds in making tasty deli sandwiches. Without a doubt, these are my favorite sandwiches from a sandwich store.

I used to order a ham sandwich before Ken’s was renovated. So, I ordered a ham sandwich with mayo on rye bread to see if Ken’s Deli has changed since the revamp of the store.

It is safe to say that Ken’s sandwiches haven’t changed. Yes, a ham sandwich is a simple sandwich to make, it can easily be messed up. 

The ham sandwich is a wonderful sandwich for lunch any day.

After trying two classic Ken’s Deli sandwiches, it seemed critical that I try some other sandwiches sold in the store.

I ordered a chicken gyro and an everything bagel seasoning on a bagel with butter.

I was quite disappointed by the gyro. The chicken was breaded and didn’t quite go well with the rest of the gyro and there was only a small amount of tzatziki sauce in the sandwich.

As for the bagel, the flavors were reasonable, but the overall bagel was dry. 

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I can appreciate the new owners’ efforts to keep Ken’s Deli the same. The food from what I have had pre-renovation and now has stayed the same. 

Overall, Ken’s Deli deserves 8/10 stars. While the gyro and bagel weren’t satisfactory, the breakfast and deli sandwiches were flavorful.