Kelly Blundy: Woodcliff Lake

(Editor’s Note: Some responses are edited for clarity, but no response has been condensed or added upon.)

Seat: Woodcliff Lake

Occupation: Functional Medicine, Chiropractic

Job Location: The Spine & Health Center of New Jersey in Montvale & Closter

Married: Yes

Kids: 2

Hobbies: “Besides family time and work, I also Sit on the Board of the New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance (NJDPA) a not-for-profit organization that unites patients and their doctors in a mission to promote access to quality, affordable health care in New Jersey. I also love to travel, not only for leisure but to partake in mission trips to provide free health and wellness service to impoverished portions of the world. My last mission was in Guatemala where I and other doctors provided a host of medical services to underserved communities.”

Reason to run: “I am running for the board of education because education and shaping our future has never been so important. We all have seen how ill-prepared we as a society were to handle the current Covid-19 crisis. As a wife and mother with two young children, one of whom is to begin kindergarten and the other first grade this fall at Dorchester Elementary School, I want to ensure that our schools are properly prepared for future emergencies that disrupt our children’s ability to learn either remotely or in person. This should be the primary focus of all Board of Education members.

I understand that there are other issues within the district that need to be addressed. Once we solve our most pressing topic — keeping our children safe and healthy during this, and any future, pandemic — then we need to bring the community together to discuss in a deliberative, thoughtful, and respectful fashion way we can maintain pride and school spirit and control rising educational costs that place a growing financial burden on homeowners throughout our district. Finally, I am running because I believe we must objectively listen to, respect, and learn from members of the community who may not always share the same opinion.”

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