Introduction: Outside Looking In

Jaiden Price, Staff Writer

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Aidan Raleigh
PV junior introduces her new blog focusing on inner and outer beauty. A new theme will be chosen each month throughout the school year.

Welcome to Outside Looking In!

My name is Jaiden Price and I am a junior at Pascack Valley. My sophomore year, I took Fashion Design taught by Ms. Annette Molino, and believed that the course was beneficial and an amazing experience. I would like to educate others with the information that I have learned, such as fashion trends and my knowledge of textiles.

To do this, I will be posting a monthly column devoted to personal growth for both inner and outer beauty.

Some of the outer beauty related topics I will cover include fashion, skincare, makeup, hair, and accessories. The inner beauty aspects that I will touch upon consist of mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, nutrition, positivity, and volunteering.

In addition to my monthly posts, I will be posting a Monday Mantra on The Smoke Signal bulletin board located on the first floor hallway near The Smoke Signal office (Room 172). A mantra is words to live by and incorporate into your daily life.

Stay tuned for my next post,

Jaiden Price

“Feel Good. Do Good. Look Good.”

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