Internship spotlight: Cassidy Mazzone


Cassidy Mazzone at the Park Ridge Animal Hospital

Olivia Stabile, Staff Writer

If you’re interested in being a part of the Internship Program, as a junior, you must fill out an application, create a resume, and write a letter of intent. This should all be sent to Mrs. Laura Grier. She will meet with you individually to determine your career goals post high school. Mrs. Grier then will go through her sites and match you with the one that you feel best fits your future goals etc. Next, an interview with the site mentor is scheduled. Finally, once that is done, you are ready to start interning September of your senior year.

Every weekday from 12:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., Pascack Valley senior, Cassidy Mazzone interns at the Park Ridge Animal Hospital. Mazzone has the opportunity to get a glimpse at her future career, a veterinarian, because of the internship program here at Pascack Valley.

“It’s a really amazing program where you get to experience what you’re going to do when you’re older,” Mazzone said about the Internship Program.

Interning at the Park Ridge Animal Hospital allows Mazzone to shadow appointments and watch surgeries such as kidney stone and tumor removals.

The Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Laura Grier, said, “Many students in high school are using internships as a strategy to help decide their major, bolster their college applications and gain experience to better prepare themselves to land their next internship after they have additional collegiate knowledge.”

This program requires the drive to work hard and the willingness to walk in and be prepared for what you’re about to experience. Grier said, “The internship may be in any discipline or involve any profession; however, it is mandatory that the student be an active participant in activities related to the field of study.”

“I did not expect to see a surgery my first week,” Mazzone said.

“In addition, the Internship Program allows the student to create a network of contacts and business early on for  potential employment after college,” said Mrs. Laura Grier. Because of the internship program, Mazzone has already been offered a job at the Park Ridge Animal Hospital.

To those who want to join the program: Mazzone recommends working your way to the top.

“You have to be willing to work hard, have a good attitude and clean up after yourself,” she said.