In-person Valley Cup to return this Friday

Event to be held outside on the turf


Ariela Alfonso

Alum Shane Cubala defending his team during juniors vs. freshmen dodgeball.

Brendan Noone, Staff Writer

Pascack Valley will have its first in-person Valley Cup after two years on Oct. 8th. This Valley Cup will take place outside on the football field, with all of the grades watching on the bleachers. Friday Oct.15th is the scheduled rain date.

The last in-person Valley Cup was held on Nov. 27th, 2019. 

“Typically we’re in the new gym, and we’re facing our classes, but this year we’re all going to be in the same stands,” said senior Drew Petaccia, one of the Sports and Spirit Liaisons organizing the event. “It’ll be a little different than what we’re used to doing on the field. But I think it also gives us some creativity, to be in that new space.” 

Valley Cup used to be held four times a year in the new gym with each grade competing in various competitions. In-person Valley Cups were canceled due to the pandemic; the Battle of the Bands Valley Cup was canceled the day before it was scheduled on March 13, 2020. Since masks are not required outside, Covid-19 restrictions won’t be a challenge for the Executive Council.

“I think we’ve been pretty good so far outside because of the football games. We had a lot of people like freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors all together in one space, combined, but also I think we’ll be using masks outside as well so it’ll be more controlled than the football games,” senior Sports and Spirit Liaison Dara Viganola said.

Assistant Principal Thomas Gallione said all spectators will be required to wear masks while they’re in the stands. The students that will be competing in the events will be allowed to take their masks off when they’re on the field.

Junior class president Blake Goldstein sent out an email sharing the activities taking place during the first Valley Cup of the year.  

“[Since] we have two new grades who’ve never experienced the Valley Cup, and there are also juniors [who have only experienced two Valley Cups, during their freshman year]. So just kind of getting that competitive edge between the grades, I think will help.” Petaccia said.

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