‘I love music’


Olivia Catalano

For this week’s Kayla’s Korner, PV senior Kayla Barry shares a playlist she made full of calming songs. This playlist can be found on Spotify.

Editor’s Note: Kayla’s Korner will be a reoccurring column that deals with mental health and teenage issues.

To me, music is really important in helping with my struggles with mental health. Music has the power to get me in a better mood or calm me down.

I usually listen to music in my room on my Amazon Alexa or in my car. I usually put it on the highest volume, even if it is slow and sad or fast and high-beat.

Music helps me to take my mind off of everything. It takes me to a different place. It makes me feel good and allows me to just sing and get everything out.

I love music.

Below is a Spotify playlist I made of songs that help me get through the day. Some of my favorite artists to listen to during these times are John Mayer, Khalid, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. Most of these songs are acoustic or very slow and soothing. They help me with my breathing and just making my mind slow down.

Coming next: Kayla’s Korner will be continuing with weekly articles. Next week, Kayla Barry will be discussing mental health first aid.