Highlights of Class of 2023’s Prom

Junior Prom was held Thursday, April 28. Staff editors Cameron Dolan and Lola Smith asked juniors and chaperones their thoughts on the night.

There was enough room for everyone, even with the table restrictions I was able to enjoy time with my friends,”

— Joe Holland, junior

It was nice to see everyone having fun…it was like we were all a little family…The dancing was a bit of a letdown, it was like mosh-pitting,”

— Michael Pizzella, junior

I was just looking forward to a fun night with my friends. The DJ handed [Junior] Aimee Hoffman a piece of paper to take requests and did not take a single one of them because he said he didn’t have wifi.”

— Jaiden Breslaw, junior

[The students] didn’t come off the dance floor for the entire evening. I thought it was a great student environment,”

— John Murtaugh, chaperone and PV teacher