Haunted highlights from Halloween Talent Night

The PV Choir hosted the annual Halloween Talent Night on Monday.

Ariela Alfonso, Zana Allajbegu, Curstine Guevarra, Meghan Lee, and Evan Mathai

19 acts took the stage on Oct. 30 at the annual Halloween Talent Night hosted by the PV Choir. Here are some highlights from the evening. All videos were taken by Ariela Alfonso, Curstine Guevarra, and Meghan Lee.

Casey Lewis, Allie Sandt and Liam Sandt perform “Alphabet Aerobics,” from “Blackalicious.”

Careligh Boyle performs “Journey to the Past,” from “Anastasia.”

Steffani Aisenman and Katie Suarez perform “Stay,” by Rihanna.

Sophie Altman and Robyn Roznitsky perform “Jimmy,” by Moriarty.

TJ Ballesteros and Madeline Miller perform “The Swan,” by Scenes.

Aaron Correa and Lindsey Cooper perform “Crazier than You,” from “The Addams Family.”

Keara Fernandez performs “Million Reasons,” by Lady GaGa.

Alycia Gilb, Delia Stiles, and Isabel Reiter dance to “Bills,” by LunchMoney Lewis.

Steffani Aisenman, Angelina Fischkelta, Tara McNiff, Giovanna Moralishvili, and Jeremy Lesserson perform “Treat You Better,” by Shawn Mendes.

Alisa Berenshtein, Antonio Fyfe, Jeremy Lesserson, Bella Liguori, Brendan Martins, and Areg Safari perform “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” by Elton John

Elise De Biasio, Evan Ferioli, Matt Killian, Emily Lê, and Julian Stiles perform a Disney Medley arranged by Julian Stiles.

Alisa Berenshtein, Alana Chernyak, and Alla Kievva perform a “Violin Duet” by Shostakovich.

Karl Hauck and Alisa Bernshtein perform “Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage the Elephant.

Ruby Comiskey and Lindsey Cooper dance to “Timber” by Pitbull.

Kyle Rifkin performs a Stand Up Comedy.

Aaron Correa performs “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Amy Santo performs “Taylor the Latte Boy” by Heisler and Goldrich.

Brendan Martins, Josh Morriello, and Ryan Muska perform “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day.

PV Chamber Choir seniors perform “Green River” by John Fogerty.