Gram the Plan

PV senior finds an alternative to National Commitment Day


Ilmie Xhaferi

Senior Class Council President Emily Kennedy created an Instagram account as a way to celebrate National Commitment Day amid the coronavirus pandemic. She began the account on April 12.

Ilmie Xhaferi, Staff Editor

Seniors have lost the opportunity to celebrate National College Decision Day on May 1 due to the pandemic.

However, despite not being in school, Emily Kennedy created an Instagram account under the handle @valleycommitted2020 to allow seniors to share their colleges and intended area of study.

“The slightest hope you can get from something like an Instagram account can give people a sense of hope that the virus [is not] killing our senior year,” said Kennedy, senior class council president. “We’re still trying to do something cool for our grade. It’s difficult being a senior right now because it’s hard to think about what’s going to happen with prom and graduation.”

Seniors who want to participate can directly message the Instagram account with their college, picture, and area of study. Kennedy was inspired by seniors Kaitlyn Thorn and Jennifer Pulsiano who came across other similar accounts and started the account on April 12. 

“[College] Commitment Day was kind of a way to represent and be proud of our school along with all of the hard work that we put in, so it is sad that we can’t wear t-shirts,” Thorn said. “With the Instagram account, it’s all in one area so people can just scroll down and see where people are going.”

Kennedy said that she can also post for seniors who are going to an alternative type of schooling, such as trade school or the military.

“I just think it’s a great way to still have commitment day and see where everyone is going to college,” Pulsiano said. “Obviously, we would be in school with everyone wearing [college] t-shirts and sweatshirts, but a bunch of parents and teachers can follow the account.”

Kennedy said the account is a “great way to unite all of us.”

“I think it’s cool that we can all virtually connect with one another,” Kennedy said. “Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to do this.”