The Smoke Signal

Executive Council

Students on Exec. Council

Delia Collis, President

Kevin Cuffe, Vice President

Jennifer Malocha, Secretary

Desmond Von Tobel- Treasurer

Delia Sutnick- Sport Liaison

Thomas Dean- Sports Liaison

Connor Flinn-

Mia Puccio-

Evan Scalia-

Isabella Velez-

Caeleigh Reger-

Kaila Saladino-

Sean Cuffe-


Student Council Meeting Agenda

November 13, 2020

Auditorium – 7:30 am

  1. President’s Report
  • Class President’s Report

Senior President: wrapped apparel sale $300-400

  • Thanksgiving postcard and send to peoples houses for thanksgiving 
  • The idea for a hallway decorating contest 

Junior President

  • Crecco’s fundraiser coming up this Tuesday 
  • Making class clothing store on the way 


  • Having a vintage sweatshirt pv sale 


  • Decided the class cause 
  1. Treasurer’s Reports
  • Executive Tax, Article V of PV Constitution – the annual Executive Tax will be waived for the 2020-2021 school year due to the unique circumstances all Councils are facing this year
  • Executive Council Treasurer’s Report
  • Class Treasurer’s Report

Senior class: $4,752.87 

Junior class  :$3,741.82

Sophomore:  $770



Exec Dez: executive tax has been waived because of the lack of fundraisers and best interest to let it go for now and reevaluate 

III. Welcome Class of 2024 Council Members -Introduction of Members

  • Update on Class Cause and Color
  • Be sure the Executive Council has your contact information

Class President: Ethan Perlman 

Vice President:Hanna Wegner 

Caroline Healey 

Treasurer:Adien Burke 

Appointed Rep: Amanda Polyniak, Luke Dargan, Bennett Scalia, Abigail Fox, Katelynn PArk, Nicholas Giordano

Class cause: Cabinet House ???

Colors: maybe blue or purple 

  1. Valley Cup Plans for 2020-2021
  • Upcoming Valley Cup virtual events
  • Valley Cup on PVTV
  • Suggestions for future Valley Cup events
  • Delia Sutnick and Thomas Dean explain the ideas of value cup 
  • Relay race that will be a little more 
  • Ideas for valley cup 
  • We will film in the next few weeks and the date is to be determined 
  1. Bulletin Boards for Executive and Class Councils
  • Please have your bulletin board decorated by November 20

-have a class cause and class name

– As soon as back in school try and complete the board

  1.   Cafe Mural Update
  • Sophomore Council – please finish up mural
  • Freshman Council
    • Begin to generate ideas for the mural in the cafeteria (start identifying your artists for the project)
      • The mural design must be approved ahead of time = be sure you see Mr. Buchanan to go over the process

Sophomore council: finish up mural 

Freshmen council: begin to generate ideas for the mural in the cafeteria and have it approved by Mr.Buchanan

VII. Meeting minutes on the school newspaper website

  • Explain the format for all council meeting minutes and how to place the minutes on the newspaper website

VIII.  New Business

  • Fundraising concerns for all Class Councils
  • Student Advisory Committee for mascot selection

Senior Secretary: Bridget Coyle 

Junior Secretary: Isabel Forcellati 

Sophomore: Hana Yu 

Freshman: Caroline Healey 

Senior President: Kiera Foster mentioned that they will fundraise and have dinner nights and try and space it out 

Juniors: Creccos fundraiser

Sophomores: PV Vintage Sale 

Student Advisory Committee for mascot selection: a couple of the students will have a say for the council and representatives from clubs, athletics, and council to have a voice and be part of the process regarding 

  • All students will vote on the mascot with three options
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