Executive council proceeds with Valley Cup despite coronavirus challenges


Ariela Alfonso

The dodgeballs lined up before a match.

Sarah Buttikofer, Staff Editor

The executive council is planning on continuing the tradition of Valley Cup, despite challenges such as the coronavirus and hybrid schedule.

“Last year it was an afterthought to keep doing the Valley Cup, and now, this year it is going to be in the forefront of our minds,” Executive Council President Delia Collis said.

Public Relations Officer Kaila Saladino, said that the executive council will be working with PVTV and video footage will be available online.

“There is going to be one episode a month on PVTV and those are going to be smaller challenges. Then, every couple of months when we could be having a big Valley Cup, we are going to be doing a bigger event,” Collis said.

Regarding competitions, Saladino said that a scavenger hunt is in the works and the executive council is currently brainstorming other ideas.

“[If] we are not in a full-fledged lockdown, we are going to try to do stuff that we can do more in the school building, with more people there,” Collis said. “If we do have to go virtual [during Valley Cup], then I think it will mirror last year’s Valley Cup.” 

Senior and athletic liaison Delia Sutnick, said that although everybody can’t be together right now, the executive council is still trying to keep the spirit alive.

“I’m excited for Valley Cup spirit days and to see everyone dress up because we are going to try to get people more involved in it since there are not as many competitions,” Sutnick said. 

Saladino said that there will be two spirit days so that each cohort can participate. 

“[The point system] is going to be the same, as in we are still going around and counting for spirit wear, and I’m assuming the dress-up days will be the same too,” Saladino said. “We are still keeping tally on who is winning each event and we are going to add them up.”

According to Sutnick, the goal is to make Valley Cup as student-oriented as possible.

“We will be sending out emails to let everyone know when the competitions are taking place and other information like that,” Sutnick said. “We are trying to make it more inclusive and known because I feel like last year was very quick and not many people got super involved in certain aspects of it.”

Saladino said she believes that more people are interested in participating this year than last year.

“It’s great to offer an alternative in which students can still enjoy the Valley Cup and represent their grades,” Executive Council Vice President Kevin Cuffe said.

Sutnick said that they will most likely carry over some of the competitions from last year to this year.

“When you do Valley Cups, there is so much school spirit and I’m excited to see that come back,” Sutnick said. “During this whole quarantine and when we were all virtual, there was only so much we could do to keep spirit. I am excited to see people more engaged in it this year because we had a little bit of an off-season last year.”