Editorial: Seniors need to take responsibility for losing privileges

Smoke Signal Editorial Board

Leading up to their senior year, students look forward to gaining the privilege to leave the building during lunch and park in the Pascack Valley parking lot. 

This year, this opportunity was not obtained by around 70 seniors, according to Pascack Valley Assistant Principal John Puccio, who either had 20 combined absences and tardies, received more than one D letter grade, or were penalized for misconduct, causing major backlash from the students towards the PV administration. There were even exceptions to the loss of privileges, but they are due to valid reasons, such as mental or physical health and other special cases.  

Around 70 seniors did not receive a senior privilege card at the beginning of the school year. Senior privileges allow seniors to leave school during their lunch period and park in the student parking lot.

Yet, it is evident that more senior privileges have been withheld this year compared to previous years, and Puccio said the administration has consistently maintained the same rules and requirements needed for senior privileges each year. However, a few students with their privileges revoked fail to take responsibility for their own actions, and instead, place the blame on the administration.

Although it may feel inconvenient to not have these benefits as a senior, students were able to reapply for their privileges on Oct. 7. It is only a month of punishment compared to an entire year of not fulfilling the requirements.

These rules are enforced to maintain order and teach life skills, and for students to realize this, they need to face the consequences without placing the blame on the administration. It is the administration’s role to set these high standards, and it is the seniors’ responsibility to meet them.

Revoking senior privileges from students is not only beneficial, but necessary for the successful futures of the students at our school. It is the seniors’ responsibility to set an example for underclassmen. Many seniors have complained about being treated like children, yet they fail to reach the expectations needed to be an adult. 

Seniors, let’s show what it means to be the leaders of the school.