Concerns of coronavirus affect PV events

PV Theatre’s spring musical to be rescheduled


Matt Austin

The announcement to postpone the spring musical, “1776”, was made on Mar. 13. The show is one of many affected by coronavirus concerns.

Ellie Kim and Ava DeVincenzo

Talia Dian said she was shocked by an announcement while taking her physics test Thursday afternoon. 

“I didn’t believe it at first, and I started crying,” said Dian, casted as John Hancock. “It was very emotional because we have all worked so hard and now it’s gone.”

PV Theatre’s spring musical, “1776,” was postponed due to coronavirus concerns. The musical was scheduled from Thursday to Saturday, and the rescheduled date has yet to be determined. Other PV events were also cancelled. 

“We need to address the situation itself before we can calm down and address the show,” said junior Kyle Towey, casted as John Adams.

While some students were shocked by this recent news, others expected this as a possible outcome of this week.

“I had mentally prepared myself for a while,” Towey said. “I signed up for this experience and it more than delivered. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Katie Mullaney