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Season one of Netflix's Shadow and Bone was released on April 23, 2021. The show follows follows an orphaned cartographer in a war-torn world where she unleashes a power that might be able to change the fate of her country.

‘Shadow and Bone’: A series that you need to binge-watch

Ioanna Tsompanellis, Staff Writer June 11, 2021

As someone who enjoys books and watching TV, I personally love adaptations of the stories I read. It’s exciting to see a version of your favorite fictional characters you’ve imagined in your head being...

Season one of Disney's Falcon and Winter Soldier was released on March 19 2021. The show follows two former Avengers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, in their fight to reclaim Captain America's shield after it was awarded to the

‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’: A powerful show

Danielle Braune, Staff Writer June 3, 2021

I know many of my reviews start off similar to how I'm about to start this one, but hey — some things need to be screamed about. Sam Wilson is so effortlessly cool; nothing but respect for the Falcon. In...

Staff Writer Danielle Braune writes about Taylor Swift's development and vocal range change since the new rendition of her old album, Fearless, has been released.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version): ‘Thrilling to listen to’

Danielle Braune, Staff Writer May 7, 2021

WOW. Taylor Swift, huh? The re-recorded songs of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) packs such a nostalgia kick that all of us need right now. “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story” in Taylor’s...

Due to the pandemic, many students have felt more inclined to cheat on quizzes and test because of there at home setting. The only thing stopping some from cheating is their ethical values, which begs the question of if it is okay to cheat while online.

Opinion: ‘Cheating shouldn’t be necessary’

Megan Austin, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

As I looked at my computer screen I could see the one question I had left blank: number 5. I began to sweat. I was taking the most important test of the semester virtually, and I could feel my phone glaring...

Create Your Own Utopia Podcast

Create Your Own Utopia Podcast

Hailey Migdal, Video Editor April 19, 2021

  In a non-perfect world filled with hardship and struggle, each one of us is presented with a gift. The gift that we all possess is the opportunity to create our own utopia with what we are given...

The Pascack Valley Indian mascot was removed in June of 2020. Since then, community members have continued to express their dissatisfaction through calling into Board of Education meetings and posting on social media.

Editorial: It’s time to move on from the mascot discussion

(Editor’s Note: This is the last planned piece in our coverage package, “What’s in a Name?”) Now that the Indian mascot is gone for good, it’s time to move on.   Some parents and Pascack...

Letter to the Editor: 'We deserve to be proud of our identity as Asian Americans’

Letter to the Editor: ‘We deserve to be proud of our identity as Asian Americans’

Jack Byun, Pascack Valley student April 5, 2021

(Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this letter are not necessarily those of The PV Student Publication or its staff.) Dear Editor, For quite a while, I have been contemplating sharing my perspective...

Season One of Disney's

‘WandaVision’: A mind blowing series

Danielle Braune, Staff Writer March 26, 2021

You sit back, jaw agape after watching the latest episode of WandaVision. Your remote is dead weight in your hands. A sense of dread grows in you as you realize:   I need to wait a full week...

In this past year, California has seen a massive surge in wildfires. Seniors Shaina Julis and Jaimie Alessi believe that people must do their part in remaining educated, even though media coverage on the fires has slowed.

Opinion: California wildfires must not be forgotten

Shaina Julis and Jaimie Alessi March 23, 2021

Over the past years, wildfires on the west coast have been destroying land, homes, and livelihoods.  Californians have been hit the hardest by the increasing amount of wildfires in their state. According...

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS Sunday night on March 14. Sophomore Cameron Dolan believes that Harry Styles' album

Opinion: “Fine Line” robbed of Pop Vocal Album Award

Cameron Dolan, Staff Photographer March 19, 2021

While we have all had to deal with the pandemic in different ways, the 63rd annual Grammy Awards gave viewers insight on how the music industry has been affected. With no concerts or touring happening,...

Opinion: Students should not have to fulfill mandatory elective requirements

Opinion: Students should not have to fulfill mandatory elective requirements

Hannah Elbogen, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

For years, I’ve found myself and others asking teachers, why do we need to learn this? Or, when will I ever need this in life? After this topic appeared again in a recent conversation with a peer of...

The NBA All-Star Game is set to take place on March 7. Sports Editor BJ McGrane shares his thoughts on how the event could lead to a greater spread of COVID-19.

Opinion: NBA’s decision to host All-Star Game is hypocritical

BJ McGrane, Sports Editor March 5, 2021

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the NBA has found a way to have a season. Considering the precautions that need to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s impressive how the league...

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