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PV’s first ever virtual day: A look back and a look forward

PV's first ever virtual day: A look back and a look forward

Carly Comito, Staff Writer

September 16, 2014

On Feb. 13, 2014, Pascack Valley became the first school in the district to try something new, a Virtual School Day. After receiving permission from the state to allow students and teachers to work from home rather than in school on that snow day, PV attempted this experiment of implementing a digital...

Early returns are positive for rotating schedule

Early returns are positive for rotating schedule

Brianna Ruback, Staff Writer

September 11, 2014

Pascack Valley’s rotating schedule has created quite the buzz around school this week and last, to say the least. From the new “Pascack Period” to classes going out of order to 88-minute periods, it's a stark difference from the way school used to operate in the past. The first day of school...

Students sample course offerings at Pascack Fair

Sophomores Regina Guzzo, left, and Julia Veloso are running a Pascack Period offering called

Sami Ulin, Staff Writer

September 4, 2014

With a new school year comes a new schedule. Within the installment of a rotating block is a Pascack Period in which students have the ability to take enrichment classes of their choosing during one half or the other of an 88-minute period. Today PV held its Pascack Fair, a period of the day where...

Reactions to PV’s first day of extended periods

The halls at PV will likely be mostly without students Tuesday and Wednesday during the district's

Carly Comito, Staff Writer

September 3, 2014

Pascack Valley is undergoing a major change this school year. Rotating classes with 88-minute periods have been implemented into our schedules. Senior Lindsay Gordon explains, “The 88-minute periods this year should be interesting. I’m not sure if this Pascack schedule is going to be as great as...

Day One: First thoughts on the new schedule

Sydney Feinberg, Staff Writer

September 2, 2014

After numerous rumors have been spread and brains have been rattled, the new schedule has finally arrived. PV students and teachers are experiencing longer class periods, the Pascack Period, and a common lunch. Over the past year, students and teachers alike have been wondering how this new schedule will work and if it will actually help prepare students for college.

The Smoke Signal: New and Improved

From left to right, The Smoke Signal's editorial staff, which has been instrumental in adopting the newspaper's new online format:  Gina Romana, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Vanessa Rutigliano, Managing Editor; Justin Cook, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Justin Cook, Gina Romana, Vanessa Rutigliano, Smoke Signal Editorial Staff

August 29, 2014

For decades The Smoke Signal has served as a reliable and informative source for all things Pascack Valley. Distributed to students at least four times every year, each issue would include articles providing information and student opinions on activities such as sporting events, musicals/plays, fund...

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