Boys and girls winter track look to continue their hot streak


Ava Kim

The team lines up to start sprints in practice on a breezy winter day. Check out the winter track preview as they look to continue excelling in their performances.

Caleb Gross, Sports Writer

Coach: Anthony Judilla 10th year coaching 4th year as head coach 

Key Returners: 

Girls: Sr. Jessie Ricco(Jumps),Sr. Izzy Forcellati(Mid distance), Sr. Shannon Connolly(sprints), Sr. Juliana Mullaney(mid distance), Sr. Hailey Jacobson(mid distance)

Boys: Sr. Brendan Noone(distance) Jr. Connor Oates(Mid distance) Jr. Jay Ramirez(Distance) Jr. Micheael Pizzella(Distance) Jr. Chris Martino(Distance) Jr. Anthony Sileo(Sprints)

Key Losses (specifically last year players who graduated): 

Boys: Mike Supple, John Supple, Joe Mercurio, Chris Alpea, Will Kim, and Danny DeMilia

Girls: None

Strengths of Team: “On the boys side it’s definitely distance and on the girls side it’s the flexibility of my senior girls to take on multiple positions.”

Weakness of team: “For both teams its untested youth and in track i usually don’t evaluate if they are varsity or jv until after i’ve had them race,” coach Anthony Judilla said. “I have to see a time before I start considering who goes where.”

The season is underway as practice has started and the grind is in pursuit. (Ava Kim)

Outlook on the season: 

“On the girls side I’m definitely looking forward to the underclassmen to emulate the wide range of events the seniors can enter,”Judilla said. “Hopefully, they can learn from the example of the senior girls.”

“On the boys [side] honestly they are stupidly talented but they have yet to be able to prove it on the big stage and I’m waiting for the moment for them to shine,”Judilla said.

Coach’s Comment: 

“In general I’m excited that even though we are under the small shadow of covid protocol things are returning to normal [and] it’s going to be really interesting how things unfold and I hope we keep the track as long as possible until the first snow storm,”Judilla said.