Athlete of the Week: Stephen Soravilla


Thomas Betsy

Stephen Soravilla is the Smoke Signal’s Athlete of Week for the week of October 8.

Willy Higgins, Sports Writer

Name: Stephen Soravilla

Sport: Football

Grade: Senior

Position: Defensive Back, Running Back

The Lowdown: Stephen Soravilla is a senior football player, who has contributed on the varsity team for three years. Soravilla is one of the four captains of the team, playing running back and defensive back.  In the game against Ridgefield Park, Soravilla blocked a punt and recorded an interception.

Best Sport Memory:

Jeremy Lesserson

Funniest Moment: Teammate Joe Cuti over exaggerated an injury and thought he was paralyzed. 

Best Thing About PV: Even though everybody is different and has different perspectives, everyone still shares a connection.

Challenges of Being a Three Sport Athlete:

Jeremy Lesserson

Favorite Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell

Favorite Movie: “Step Brothers”

Favorite Music Artists: Yung Nugget

Favorite Song: Lightning McQueen

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Jerome (History Teacher)

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie

Favorite TV Show: “Big Mouth” and “Family Guy”

Four People Living Or Dead He Would Invite To A Dinner Party: President Ronald Reagan, William Shakespeare, Genghis Khan, and Ariana Grande

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

One Superpower: Flying or reading minds

What He Does In His Free Time: Fishing, hiking, involved in church, and Special Olympics

Future Plans: He plans on playing football in college and his number one school currently is Ithaca College. Soravilla is familiar with the coach and college at IC since he has visited twice. He plans on studying environmental science in college.

Dream Vacation Spot: He would like to backpack around Europe

Thoughts on River Dell: He believes that PV is very capable of winning the game and thinks the team has energy this week that hasn’t been there before. He loves the competition and is excited for the challenge.