Athlete of the Week: Stephen Brennan

Goalie reaches milestone of 2,500 career saves


Curstine Guevarra

Steve Brennan is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is the goalie of the varsity PV hockey team.

Mason Baronian and Willy Higgins

Name: Stephen Brennan

Sport: Ice Hockey

Grade: Senior

Position: Goaltender

The Lowdown: Brennan has been quite the “brick wall” for PV this season, and throughout his stint as the Indians’ goalie. He has faced about 2,800 shots in his 4 year high school career and has now saved over 2,500 shots.

What He Likes Most About His Sport: Brennan enjoys the fast paced aspect and the skill it requires to play.

Best Sport Memory: When he was a sophomore, senior Brendan Bonner scored the first goal of his varsity career on senior night. Brennan remembers this being quite a special moment for Bonner, as well as the entire team.

Proudest Moment on the Field: When his AAA team, the North Jersey Avalanche, won the AYHL championship.

Funniest Moment: When Brennan was a sophomore, fellow goaltender Ethan Gaus hip checked junior Luke Ciocca into the boards. It was a hard hit, and it was quite a comical moment for every player and coach who saw it happen.

Best Thing About PV: The people and the community atmosphere that exists here.

How Do You Handle So Many Shots Each Game: “It’s a lot of hard work” Brennan says. However, he also mentioned that he enjoys the challenge of facing about 40 shots per game.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Jim Carrey

Favorite Movie: Miracle

Favorite Music Artists: Black Sabbath and Van Halen

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Maniscalco (PV English Teacher) and Mr. Schulien (PV Business Teacher)

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite TV Show: How I Met your Mother

Favorite Pro Athlete: Martin Brodeur

Favorite Animal: Moose

Four People Living Or Dead He Would Invite To A Dinner Party: Ronald Reagan, Will Ferrell, Wayne Gretzky, and Neil Patrick Harris

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

What He Does In His Free Time: Hang out with friends and family

One Thing People May Not Know: When he was younger, Brennan took karate classes for a few years.

Any Role Models: Marc Andre Fleury is his role model in hockey, while his father is Brennan’s role model in life.

Future Plans: To go to college and play club hockey

Dream Vacation Spot: Ireland