Athlete of the Week: Mel Brentnall

Willy Higgins, Sports Writer

Matt Austin
Senior tennis player Mel Brentnall is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Name: Mel Brentnall

Sport: Girls Tennis

Grade: Senior

Match: First singles

What She Likes Most About Tennis: “I like how even though it’s a team sport, it’s also very individual,” Brentnall said. “If you’re having a bad day you don’t have to worry about letting anyone else down and if you’re having a good day you don’t have to worry about someone else messing it up for you.”

Best Sport Memory: One match against River Dell where she came back from being down by a few games and won, which resulted in her opponent crying.

Proudest Moment On the Court: In a match against Westwood, she came back from being down a few games and won in front of all of her teammates.

Funniest Moment On the Court: One of her teammates was serving the ball and accidentally threw her racket.

Funniest teammate: Senior Lily Glastein

Favorite Thing About PV: Pascack Period

Favorite Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell

Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Favorite Music Artist: Ruel

Favorite Song: Face to Face by Ruel

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite TV Show: Big Mouth

Favorite Pro Athlete: Serena Williams

Four All-Time People She Would Invite To A Dinner Party: Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Ellen DeGeneres, and George Washington

One Superpower: Invisibility

Superstitions: She is constantly changing her grip so her handle on the racket isn’t slippery and she doesn’t let her parents attend her matches.

What She Does In Her Free Time: She works at Demarest Farms and watches Youtube cooking shows.

One Thing People May Not Know About Her: In preschool she used to wear an Indian headdress to school

Dream Vacation Spot: Australia

Role Models: Serena Williams due to her being the face of women’s tennis and her mom.

“Serena Williams [is my role model] for tennis [because] she’s been the biggest women’s tennis player and has dedicated her life to that,” Brentnall said. “In life in general, my mom because she’s one of the strongest people I know, she’s always there for me, and I want to be like her as a mom.”

Future Plans: She plans on going to college and playing tennis for a club rather than for whichever school she attends.