Athlete of the Week: Justin Martin

Senior third baseman makes full recovery after hip surgery

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Athlete of the Week: Justin Martin

The Smoke Signal's Athlete of the Week is Justin Martin.

The Smoke Signal's Athlete of the Week is Justin Martin.

Matt Austin

The Smoke Signal's Athlete of the Week is Justin Martin.

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

The Smoke Signal's Athlete of the Week is Justin Martin.

Jared Shiffman, Sports Writer

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Name: Justin Martin

Sport: Baseball

Grade: Senior

Position: 3B

Expectations: Martin held high expectations coming into the season knowing the talent PV has this year. “I think and have always thought that we have a real shot at winning a state championship,” he said. Martin also had high expectations coming into his senior season knowing his hip surgery went well and he’d made a full recovery.

What He Likes Most About His Sport: “I like that baseball is a team and individual sport at the same time. I enjoy the bond I have with teammates after winning, and the team atmosphere as a whole,” Martin said.

Proudest Moment on the Field: Martin’s proudest moment was being a part of the 2017 state sectional title team.

Funniest Moment: “In 2017, which was my sophomore year, we upset St. Joe’s which was the top team in the county. After the game I was really hype and jumped in the air and spiked my glove on the ground. I ended up landing on the glove and tripping. It was hilarious,” he said.

Best Thing About PV: Martin enjoys the people who have made his four years at Valley memorable.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Samuel L. Jackson

Favorite Movie: Avengers: Infinity War

Favorite Music Artist: Drake

Favorite Song: Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Food: Fried shrimp

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite TV Show: Narcos

Favorite Pro Athlete: LeBron James

Favorite Animal: Panda

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee

One Superpower: Super speed

Dream Vacation Spot: Outer Banks

What He Does In His Free Time: Martin hangs out with friends and makes art.

One Thing People May Not Know: He loves all aspects of art including drawing, coloring, and painting.

Role Models: “My mom and dad because they have supported me through everything.”

Future Plans: “At Sacred Heart I plan to major in art & design. I want to become a graphic designer after college,” he said.

Most challenging part of coming back from surgery: “Being able to trust my body again and being confident that I would be pain free in the upcoming season,” Martin said. “I was hopeful to make a full recovery and that my injury would not hold me back. I wanted to be better after my surgery because I was worried I would never be the same.”

How has the surgery impacted him “My main thought during surgery was that I would come back as a better baseball player than before,” he said. “Surgery made me grow as a person and to value my ability to play a sport which others cannot play due to issues like disease. I learned to never take my favorite sport for granted.”

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