Athlete of the Week: Josh Ulin

Senior goalie hopes to lead the team to a deep run in state tournament


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Athlete of the Week: Josh Ulin

Spencer Goldstein, Sports Writer

Name: Josh Ulin

Sport: Boys Soccer

Grade: Senior

Position: Goalkeeper

The Lowdown: Ulin, a first team all state goalie has helped lead the Indians to a 11-2-3 record. Ulin has made 72 saves on the year and has an important state tournament game on Friday against Old Tappan.

Expectations: Ulin wants do whatever is necessary to help the team win.

What He Likes Most About His Sport: Being apart of a team with some of his best friends and having group of players that all have a common goal.

Best Sport Memory: Although the team lost, the year after Zack Latteri died, the school support for the first Zack Latteri Game was “unbelievable”.

Proudest Moment: Getting unexpectedly selected to 1st team All-State last year.

Funniest Moment: During intense situations, when a teammate would yell out something completely stupid and funny which loosens the whole team up.

Best Part of Being a Goalie: Being the commander of the field and the leader of the team.

Thoughts on Last Night’s Win and the Upcoming State Tournament Games: The goal is to get to the Finals and hopefully play against and beat Ramapo.

Favorite Thing About Coach Nygren: He loves what he does, gets the team’s jokes, and Ulin described him as a “young old guy”.

How Was Your Teen Tour to South America: “It was life-changing. Working in a preschool for kids in a bad neighborhood and spending time with them, building playgrounds was great since it helped get their minds off of harsh reality for a bit.”

Best Thing About PV: “Being apart of such a “wonderful community”

Favorite Actor/Actress: Leonardo Dicaprio

Favorite Movie: Wreck-It Ralph or Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Music Artists: Catfish and the Bottlemen – “If that’s the one thing anyone gets from this article: check them out!”

Favorite Song: “Bloom” by the Paper Kites

Favorite Teacher: Tie between 3: Mr. Jeff Jasper, Ms. Karen Kosch, Ms. Leah Jerome (PV History Teachers)

Favorite Subject: History because he’s fascinated by everything that has happened before and how it reflects what is happening now.

Favorite Book: 6 Years by Harlan Coben

Favorite Season: Fall because it’s soccer season.

Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother. Ulin is upset that this show is being taken off Netflix

Favorite Pro Athlete: Kobe Bryant because he looks up to the “Mamba Mentality”.

Favorite Animal: Dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers (he has one named Bernie).

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Anything with peanut butter.

Four People Living Or Dead He Would Invite To A Dinner Party:  Alexander Hamilton, Jackie Robinson, Kurt Cobain, Sally Ride

One Superpower: To be completely fearless

What He Does In His Free Time: Discover new bands, watch movies, hang out with his friends, doodle cubes

One Thing People May Not Know: He really wants to write a novel.

Any Role Models: His dad has been the biggest influence on his life. His dad was also a starting varsity goalie here at PV. Ulin has always wanted to be more successful as a goalie than his dad, and hopes that he can accomplish that.

Future Plans: To graduate from University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Indiana, or University of Wisconsin after studying business and become successful as an adult.

Dream Vacation Spot: To go back to Ecuador, where he spent a portion of his summer.

Noah Schwartz