Athlete of the Week: Alex Sullivan

Senior looks up to older brother

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Athlete of the Week: Alex Sullivan

BJ McGrane, Sports Writer

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Name: Alex Sullivan

Sport: Hockey

Grade: Senior

Position: Defenseman

The Lowdown: Thus far, PV/PH/PR has compiled a 3-8-3 record and Sullivan has played a significant role throughout the the season. The four year varsity player has 11 assists thus far, with 3 coming in blowout wins over Frisch and West Orange.

Expectations: “We started out slow,” Sullivan said. He said that now the team is at the point that they want to be.

Best Sport Memory: Sullivan says that being named captain last year was “a big moment” for him. Sullivan’s older brother Erik was the captain of the team for two years as well. “I just wanted to live up to the expectations and be what I knew I could be,” Sullivan said.

Funniest Moment: “Everything we do from the team meetings we have, and a couple of years ago we went bowling to build team chemistry. Everything we do, it’s about having fun,” Sullivan said.

Best Thing About PV: Sullivan said he likes how everyone at Pascack Valley is “like a family.” “The sense of community and family in the school is a big reason why everyone in the school loves it,” Sullivan said.

Thoughts on the ALS Game: “It was a lot of fun…It gave us a purpose to play as hard as we can, and we wanted to win for the fans.” Sullivan said. He added that the team was driven to play better because of the ALS fundraiser that took place last Saturday night.

Challenges of Playing Hockey: “It takes years to learn how to skate,” Sullivan said, “At first you’re focusing on skating, but in hockey you have to be skating and doing so many other things.”

Favorite Actor/Actress: John Krasinski

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Music Artist: Drake

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Pro Athlete: Lionel Messi

Favorite Animal: Giraffe

One Superpower: The ability to fly

What He Does In His Free Time: Video Games – Specifically FIFA and Call of Duty

One Thing People May Not Know: Sullivan’s middle name is Olaf, and he is 50% Swedish. Sullivan says he “basically lives [in Sweden]” during the summer.

Role Models: Sullivan sees his older brother Erik as a role model. “He was always great at what he did. He played soccer and hockey just like I did. He started all four years in hockey, just like I did, and he started three years of soccer,” Sullivan said.

“We always had a great relationship, so I always wanted to live up to the bar he set for me,” Sullivan says.

Future Plans: Sullivan wants to become a physical therapist. He does not know what college he wants to go to yet.

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