Arnold Scher: Hillsdale

(Editor’s Note: Some responses are edited for clarity, but no response has been condensed or added upon.)

Seat: Hillsdale

Occupation: Director of Operation an audio manufacturer based out of Oxford, England

Job Location: New Jersey

Married: Yes

Kids: 2 stepdaughters

Hobbies: “I ride motorcycles for relaxation, as it is the only time that you can unplug from the world.”

Reason to run: “I am running for re-election to the BOE to continue the work that I\we (the board) have started and to keep the PVRHSD moving forward. We have a great district, and the only way to keep it great is by refining and looking for ways to innovate.

We refine and innovate by getting feedback from the students, faculty, and parents, as well as looking outside our own district\county\state to see what others are doing. Then take that data, analyze it, and where appropriate add, refine, tweak the district to better serve our students.”

What do you hope to accomplish if you win?: “If I am re-elected to the BOE, I will continue to make sure the health and safety of your students is always a main priority.

As for the wellness center, I will keep asking the administration if the board needs to provide more support for it, as our students, staff, and faculty, need to be supported more now than ever before.

I will continue to push for equity, and inclusivity in our district in all areas, social, academic, athletic, arts, and between schools.

We have a great internship program, that keeps growing year to year and we need it to keep growing and expanding. We are looking to provide certification options and keep looking for ways to provide students with options to explore what they might be passionate about.”

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